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Double decker bus fire near St Keverne in Cornwall

Credit: Mullion Fire Station

Cornwall firefighters have been working to put out a double decker bus fire near Zoar.

Crews from Helson, Mullion and St Keverne were called as large smoke plumes could be seen from across the Peninsula.

It's understood nobody has been hurt.

The B3293 has been blocked by the burnt out vehicle as emergency services work to remove the remains.

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Crews tackle huge industrial estate fire

Credit: Lauceston Fire

Firefighters spent more than four hours battling a huge blaze at an industrial estate overnight.

The fire broke out 10.10pm on Newport Industrial Estate in Lauceston and crews were able to extinguish the fire by 2.10am.

firefighters tackled the blaze.
fire crews from Lauceston, Callington, Liskeard, Crownhill, and Holsworthy attended.
officers wearing breathing sets.
jets were used to tackle the fire.
hose reels to douse the fire.
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