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Is it the sun or is it an angel?

A dog walker has photographed a stunning image of angel wings in the sky above a Cornish beach.

The stunning photograph was taken while Ian was walking along the coast. Credit: Ian Warne

Ian Warne was walking along the coast at St Peter's Point when he saw the curious cloud formation.

Meteorologists say the phenomenon is so rare it doesn't even have a name.


ShelterBox office moves to Truro

The Cornwall based disaster relief agency ShelterBox is set to operate from two sites starting this summer. The charity will become a two-centre operation, with its packing warehouse in Helston and a new HQ in Truro.

Falcon House, new home for the charity. Credit: ShelterBox

The move will be to Falcon House, on the corner of Charles Street and Calenick Street. But it may not be until June before the new building is ready to receive staff.

The aim is to transfer everyone except those who manage the Helston warehouse.

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