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Man scared to leave house after seagull attacks

Barry Poore was dive-bombed by seagulls near his workplace. Credit: ITV News

A man from Cornwall says he's too scared to leave his home after a series of attacks by seagulls.

In the latest incident, Barry Poore from Newquay suffered a dislocated shoulder and cuts to his hands when he was dive-bombed by a flock of gulls near his work.

Mr. Poore told us he's staying inside following a warning that any sudden movement could put his shoulder out again.

Barry Poore's shoulder was dislocated in the attack. Credit: ITV News

Seagulls are on people's minds in our region. The Prime Minister has spoken about the issue, in the wake of several reports of gull attacks on pets and people in recent weeks.

There have been several reports of seagull attacks in our region in recent weeks. Credit: Craig Watson/PA

Fire crews tackle chemical spill near Redruth

People are being advised to avoid the area around Dudnance Lane. Credit: Cornwall Fire & Rescue Service

Fire crews are dealing with a chemical spill at a laundry company in Pool, near Redruth.

The incident started after a drum reportedly fell off a lorry on Dudnance Lane. The area has been cordoned off, with crews from six areas on the scene, along with police and ambulance services.

People are being advised to avoid the surrounding area.

'Sign a slate' appeal for Truro Cathedral

Truro Cathedral has begun a £3.2 million appeal to repair its roof. The Cathedral is asking for people to 'Sign a Slate'. Sixty thousand of them are needed to restore the roof and each one will record the donor's name. for the hundred years or more the restored roof should last. The Cathedral already has a Government grant of half a million pounds towards the project. The work is expected to take five years.

Truro Cathedral begins appeal to repair it's roof Credit: ITV News

It is people that form the heart of the cathedral and so it was very important to us to find a way for everyone to get involved and feel part of this important restoration project.

– Dean of Truro, the Very Reverend Roger Bush
People can sponsor and sign the new slates Credit: John Freddy Jones

3.8 million people predicted to head to Cornwall

As the summer getaway begins, Visit Cornwall says it believes that over 3.8 million people are expected to come to the county over the next six weeks, spending more than £518 million.

With the school holidays beginning, Cornwall is set to welcome 1.2 million UK visitors and over 79,000 visitors from overseas. In a further boost, 2.5 million people could visit Cornwall on day trips.

The hols are here Credit: Matt Cardy/PA Wire

“ “This is the time that our hotels, restaurants, attractions etc do most of their business so we’ll be pulling out all the stops to give our visitors the warmest of Cornish welcomes.”

– Malcolm Bell, Visit Cornwall

Visit Cornwall also says that 71% of businesses in the county are reporting booking levels to be better or the same as last year.


Cornwall Council urge people not to feed seagulls or leave litter out

Cornwall Council are urging people not to feed the gulls. Credit: Wayne Parry

Cornwall Council are encouraging residents to play their part to prevent seagulls from attacking people and pets.

They say everyone can play a part in solving the problem by disposing of litter carefully, not feeding the gulls and putting rubbish out for collection in a seagull proof sack.

With incidents of gulls swooping down on people as they eat and attacks on individuals and animals, concerns have been raised about how to tackle the problem.

At this time of year herring gulls are feeding and protecting their young and will aggressively seek out food by any means possible.

Unfortunately, by feeding the birds, leaving rubbish bags out for collection unsecured and dropping litter in the street, humans have made it easy for them and this is one of the main reasons we are experiencing the problems we are having today.

If we are serious about tackling this issue then the solution starts with us all. Please dispose of your litter carefully, don't feed the gulls and either put rubbish out for collection in a bin or seagull proof sack.

– Councillor Geoff Brown

RSPB call on government to hold National Gull Summit

It's thought the gulls are behaving aggressively because they are trying to protect their young. Credit: ITV News

RSPB have written to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) proposing a National Gull Summit to tackle the issue.

The news comes after David Cameron recently said a "big conversation" was needed about the threat from aggressive birds.

The Prime Minister spoke out after two attacks in Cornwall left a pet tortoise and a Yorkshire terrier dead.

But the RSPB believe the summit must also look at the wider issues of the plight facing many of these birds:

Any such conversation must be based on the very best evidence – otherwise it’s likely to be dominated by anecdote and guided by those who shout loudest. The RSPB would also add that it should look at the issue in the ‘round; on the wider issue of the plight of these birds across the board and not simply about “how we rid ourselves of the menace”.

There’s so much we need to learn about these birds, and this is a real opportunity to look at how we can live comfortably with our wild companions, and do the best for both birds and people.


Air show hero will be back at Culdrose this year

Lt Cdr Chris Gotke was hailed a hero for safely crash landing at Culdrose Air Day Credit: ITV West Country

It is a week until Culdrose Air Day takes place in Cornwall

The line up will include Lt Cdr Chris Gotke, who was hailed a hero last year, for safely crash-landing a plane which got into difficulty at the show. The pilot was flying a 1944 Sea Fury at when it suffered engine failure.

He was awarded the highest peacetime honour for gallantry in the air.

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