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Health watchdog calls for urgent improvements at RCH

The inspectors found inadequate staffing at the Emergency Department Credit: ITV News

Managers of the Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust have been ordered to make urgent improvements to protect the safety of patients.

The Care Quality Commission found staffing levels inadequate at times in its emergency department during an inspection in June.

Surgery was rated good, but inspectors also found wards full with patients waiting for support systems to be arranged.

The hospital says is is already making improvements.

We have to accept the findings. They came at a time when we had particular issues with flow out of the department and they're right, that's not a great mix, having too many patients in the department and not enough staff can potentially raise safety concerns.

That was the key finding that we were reflecting on here in the Emergency Department. We're now moving to have 14 nurses on the day and 11 at night which is a significant change from a few years ago when it was 12 and 9.

– Dr Andy Virr, Consultant, Emergency Department


West Cornwall MP says records were 'manipulated in favour of Sercos interests'

Andrew George was one of the MPs who referred the allegations to the Care and Quality Commission (CQC).

I fear that the data management issues are serious. It seems records were only manipulated in favour of Serco's interests.

Though the CQC says that they did not find evidence of 'deliberate' alteration of data, neither did they find evidence that it was not deliberately altered. The CQC simply does not have the forensic remit or capacity to prove or disprove such a point"

– Andrew George, West Cornwall MP


Out of hours GP services criticised in report

Care Quality Commission report for Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Credit: ITV Westcountry

The company that provides out of hours doctors in Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly has been told they need to improve services. In a report published today, The Care Quality Commission says that Serco was not meeting four of the essential standards of quality and safety.

That included safeguarding people from abuse, qualified and experienced staff, assessing and monitoring the quality of service provision and accuracy of data. It follows inspections in April and May. It's been given 2 weeks to state how it will achieve standards.