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Damien Hirst's restaurant criticised by hygiene inspectors

Inspectors said the restaurant had dirty drains and stored raw meat unsafely. Credit: ITV West Country

Damien Hirst's restaurant in Ilfracombe has been criticised by hygiene inspectors who gave it a rating of just one-star.

The Quay in Ilfracombe was told it needs improvement after officials described filthy drains and raw meat being stored unsafely.

The Quay responded to the criticism. Credit: ITV West Country

A spokesperson for The Quay said the issues raised have been resolved.

"We take health and hygiene at the Quay extremely seriously. There were two issues raised during this recent inspection.

First, was a failure to comply with the required paperwork. We have already taken steps to rectify this and are working hard to make sure we keep up to date with paperwork in the future.

Second, was a disused drainage pipe, located in a storage room underneath the kitchen. The drainage pipe had passed previous inspections but we were asked to fill it in, and this has now been done. We were also asked to separate vacuum-packed meat from ready-to-eat food in our freezer, which we have now done."

– Spokesperson for The Quay


Hirst's 'Verity' almost finished

The sun rises on Damien Hirst's controversial 'Verity' statue Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Three months after she was craned into position, Damien Hirst's controversial 'Verity' statue should be open to the public in Ilfracombe later this week. Work to complete the base of the sculpture, including the laying of 30,000 slate tiles had been delayed due to the bad weather.


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