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Prisons Minister orders review after prisoners offered suncream

The Prisons Minister has ordered a review after two prisoners who escaped onto the roof of Dartmoor Prison were offered suncream. The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) had said the offer of sun lotion was in line with health and safety rules.

"This should not have happened. There should be no policies in place which promote this kind of foolishness and I have ordered an immediate review of this incident to ensure that it does not happen again."

– Prisons Minister Jeremy Wright

Dartmoor prisoners offered sunscreen after getting onto roof

Two prisoners in Devon who climbed on to a jail's roof in hot weather were offered sunscreen by staff. The pair turned down the offer during the incident at Dartmoor prison last week.

It is not clear how the inmates managed to get on to the roof or which building on the site in Princetown was involved.

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) said the offer of sun lotion was in line with health and safety rules. But a spokesperson from the Prison Officers' Association in the South West, described it as "absolutely ludicrous".


Mum in hospital after snake bite on Dartmoor

Mum in hospital after snake bite on Dartmoor Credit: Siegfried Sammer/DPA/Press Association Images

A mum-of-two is recovering in hospital after she was bitten by a snake on Dartmoor. Ellie Ward, 26, collapsed after the adder bit her while on a family walk yesterday (Sunday). Her brother took a picture of the snake to identify whether it was poisonous and doctors gave her anti-venom.

Her brother Matthew, a throat surgeon said: ""She's stepped on this snake and we heard a scream and I saw this snake was attached to her.

"She kicked it off and it reared up to try to have another go at her so she kicked out again and it went away across the path.

"By the time we got back to the car park, she was really unwell. It was obvious to me she needed urgent medical attention."

Final training weekend for Ten Tors challenge

More than eight hundred youngsters were on Dartmoor this weekend training for the Ten Tors challenge.

It was their last chance to prepare for the gruelling event in a fortnight's time.

More than 800 youngsters were out training this weekend Credit: ITV News West Country

This year the three routes of thirty-five, forty-five and fifty-five miles have been changed for the first time in three decades.

Ten Tors takes place on the weekend of May 10th Credit: ITV News West Country


Inspectors found prisoners felt "unsafe"

Dartmoor Prison Credit: ITV News West Country

Prisoners at Dartmoor Prison felt unsafe and had ready access to illegal drugs, according to a report out today.

An unannounced inspection of the prison took place in December last year. It's thought to be because of low levels of staffing at the prison, which has been earmarked for closure in the past.

Dartmoor National Park backs pony contraception trial

A wild hill pony is given the contraceptive. Credit: ITV News West Country

The first UK trial to use contraception on wild hill ponies has been backed by Dartmoor National Park.

The Dartmoor Hill Pony Association have been desperately trying to reduce the number slaughtered each year because there is no market for them.

Now 100 mares will be injected with contraceptives.

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