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Baby donkey meets huge shire horse on Dartmoor

Uncle Buster the shire horse meets the newest addition at the Miniature Pony Centre Credit: Miniature Pony Centre

The newest addition to the family at the Miniature Pony Centre on Dartmoor has come face to face with it's much larger cousin.

The tiny donkey is just a week old but staff at the centre say he's full of energy and is running rings around his mother.

When he was introduced to resident shire horse Buster, he wasted no time in running up to say hello.

Drop out rate for Ten Tors less than 10 per cent

First team to cross the finishing line

More than two thousand teenagers from across the West took part in the annual Ten Tors event this weekend. In teams of six, the 14-19 year olds walked routes of 35, 45 or 55 miles, depending on their age.

This year 365 teams entered, with 325 completing the course. The drop out rate was just under 10 per cent. After a shower on the start line, the weather was relatively good for the teenagers.

First across the line was the Combined Cadet Force from Churcher's College in Hampshire at 09:10. It's the second year in a row they've been the first team to finish the 35 mile course. They were closely followed by the teams from Pilton Community College in Barnstaple and Kingswood School in Bath.

Morale was high at the finish line, as tired teenagers were reunited with worried parents:

Now in its 55th year, the event has become one of the biggest tri-service military exercises in Britain. Brigadier Jez Bennett, who organises the event, says the challenge is now more important than ever - teaching teenagers to respect the outdoors and each other:

The teams of students, scouts, ramblers and cadets come from Bristol, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire. They start training months in advance, for what is often one of the toughest challenges of their lives. This weekend they have been tested to their limits - and many will be back again next year to do it all again.


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First Teams across the line in Dartmoor

Churcher's College combined cadet force were first
First team across the line was the combined cadet force from Churcher's College, Hampshire Credit: ITV News

The first three teams across the finishing line were: Churcher's College combined cadet force, Pilton Community College and Kingswood School.

First teams across the finishing line
First teams across the finishing line

Thousands take part in Ten Tors challenge

Competitors will hike distances of up to 55 miles Credit: ITV News

Hundreds of teenagers from the West Country set off on one of the toughest challenges of their lives today.

Almost 2,500 teenagers are taking part in the famous Ten Tors challenge on Dartmoor.

Competitors aged between 14 and 19 will hike distances of up 55 miles over the weekend.

Teens get ready for the Ten Tors challenge

The youngsters have set up camp on Dartmoor ready for an adventurous weekend Credit: ITV News

Hundreds of teenagers have set up camp on a wet and windy Dartmoor. They're getting ready to take part in the Ten Tors challenge, organised by the army.

The weather was pretty bleak at Okehampton camp today - no doubt the teams are hoping that will change soon Credit: ITV News

The teams will set off from their base at Okehampton Camp early tomorrow morning, putting months of training to the test during their trek.

The team from Cullompton rugby club work out their route Credit: ITV News

Adorable miniature pony foal needs a name

Credit: Miniature Pony Centre

Do you have the perfect name for this adorable foal?

Dartmoor's Miniature Pony Centre is on the hunt for the perfect name after it welcomed its first foal of the year. Incredibly another six foals are due in the coming months.

Mum Tinkerbell gave birth to a little boy, but staff are still searching for the perfect name for the foal. They're taking suggestions on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

It’s a late start to our foaling season and we have a lot of first time mums. We are extremely excited for all of our arrivals this year!

– Nick Walker, Stud Manager
Credit: Miniature Pony Centre


Will a Devon runner be the fastest to run around the world?

Kevin Carr ultra marathon runner Credit: ITV News

An ultra marathon runner from Devon will return home today - crossing the finish line to his round the world challenge.

Kevin Carr set off from Dartmoor in July 2013 and has since run over sixteen thousand miles.

Averaging over a marathon a day he is on course to break the world record by 24 hours.

He's raising money for mental health charity SANE after suffering with depression when he was younger.

Operation launched to reduce crime on Dartmoor

Operation Moorwatch will try to cut crime on Dartmoor Credit: ITV News

Devon and Cornwall Police have launched an operation aimed at criminals who target tourists over the holidays.

Local officers will be running Moorwatch, which is aimed at cutting crime in rural areas, particularly at car park and beauty spots surrounding the Dartmoor national park.

Sergeant William Young from Devon and Cornwall Police says: "While Dartmoor is a safe place for people to live and visit there has been significant issues in the past with vehicle crime particularly visitors to the region in parking. And isolated rural car parks can become the target for thieves."

Moorwatch is all about raising the Police's profile in isolated areas. Police officer Cathy Veale says it's important people don't leave their valuables on display.

"We're going to be out and about talking to members of the publicto remind them to be vigilant and talk about any concerns they may have."

But vehicle crime isn't the only problem on the moor. The Police also want the public to look out for any anti-social behaviour such as fly tipping and illegal off-roading. Dog owners are also being warned about the dangers of their animals worrying livestock.

Rob Steemson from the Dartmoor National Parks says dog owners are also being warned about the dangers of their animals worrying livestock.

"There's a real problem at this moment in time particularly in areas close to conurbations where local people quite rightly coming up exercising the dogs but unfortunately they're not keeping them on a lead and quite often behind various gauze bushes there are stock. farmers are allowed to graze their stock and unfortunately dogs are attacking and killing sheep at this moment."

The police are hoping this campaign will send a clear message . This is an area of beauty not crime.

Round the world runner has only 5 days left of epic challenge

Kevin Carr has spent the last eighteen months running round the world Credit: ITV News

Kevin Carr is about to complete an epic challenge to become the fastest man to run around the world.

The 29 year old from Devon set off from Haytor on Dartmoor in July 2013. Since then he's completed almost 16 thousand miles and is just five days from home.

He says: “I have encountered some pretty scary things along the way, from packs of wild dogs in Romania to the most extreme weather conditions imaginable. Most frightening of all, however, was coming face-to-face with bears in Canada. One of the bears stalked and then actively came for me. I used the bear bangers that someone had given me and, after three misfires, thankfully my fourth attempt sent the bear packing. I’ve had to endure a lot of suffering too. I had severe heatstroke in India and have twice been hit by cars.”

This morning Kevin had reached Bristol. He is hoping to be back in Devon on Thursday.

Kevin is running for SANE and the Red Cross. You can follow his progress live at

Kevin's passion for running began aged 11 when he began cross-country running in North Devon Credit: ITV News
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