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Will a Devon runner be the fastest to run around the world?

Kevin Carr ultra marathon runner Credit: ITV News

An ultra marathon runner from Devon will return home today - crossing the finish line to his round the world challenge.

Kevin Carr set off from Dartmoor in July 2013 and has since run over sixteen thousand miles.

Averaging over a marathon a day he is on course to break the world record by 24 hours.

He's raising money for mental health charity SANE after suffering with depression when he was younger.

Operation launched to reduce crime on Dartmoor

Operation Moorwatch will try to cut crime on Dartmoor Credit: ITV News

Devon and Cornwall Police have launched an operation aimed at criminals who target tourists over the holidays.

Local officers will be running Moorwatch, which is aimed at cutting crime in rural areas, particularly at car park and beauty spots surrounding the Dartmoor national park.

Sergeant William Young from Devon and Cornwall Police says: "While Dartmoor is a safe place for people to live and visit there has been significant issues in the past with vehicle crime particularly visitors to the region in parking. And isolated rural car parks can become the target for thieves."

Moorwatch is all about raising the Police's profile in isolated areas. Police officer Cathy Veale says it's important people don't leave their valuables on display.

"We're going to be out and about talking to members of the publicto remind them to be vigilant and talk about any concerns they may have."

But vehicle crime isn't the only problem on the moor. The Police also want the public to look out for any anti-social behaviour such as fly tipping and illegal off-roading. Dog owners are also being warned about the dangers of their animals worrying livestock.

Rob Steemson from the Dartmoor National Parks says dog owners are also being warned about the dangers of their animals worrying livestock.

"There's a real problem at this moment in time particularly in areas close to conurbations where local people quite rightly coming up exercising the dogs but unfortunately they're not keeping them on a lead and quite often behind various gauze bushes there are stock. farmers are allowed to graze their stock and unfortunately dogs are attacking and killing sheep at this moment."

The police are hoping this campaign will send a clear message . This is an area of beauty not crime.


Round the world runner has only 5 days left of epic challenge

Kevin Carr has spent the last eighteen months running round the world Credit: ITV News

Kevin Carr is about to complete an epic challenge to become the fastest man to run around the world.

The 29 year old from Devon set off from Haytor on Dartmoor in July 2013. Since then he's completed almost 16 thousand miles and is just five days from home.

He says: “I have encountered some pretty scary things along the way, from packs of wild dogs in Romania to the most extreme weather conditions imaginable. Most frightening of all, however, was coming face-to-face with bears in Canada. One of the bears stalked and then actively came for me. I used the bear bangers that someone had given me and, after three misfires, thankfully my fourth attempt sent the bear packing. I’ve had to endure a lot of suffering too. I had severe heatstroke in India and have twice been hit by cars.”

This morning Kevin had reached Bristol. He is hoping to be back in Devon on Thursday.

Kevin is running for SANE and the Red Cross. You can follow his progress live at

Kevin's passion for running began aged 11 when he began cross-country running in North Devon Credit: ITV News

Dartmoor saving endangered butterfly

Dartmoor has become a strong habitat for the species.

Dartmoor is being credited with saving a rare butterfly from extinction.

The High Brown Fritillary was classed as critically endangered last year, but has seen a 180% increase since, as the moor has become its stronghold - helped by last year's warm spring.

The High Brown Fritillary has increased in numbers by almost 200%. Credit: Butterfly Conservation

Police search for missing man from Paignton

Julian Reynolds went missing from his home in Paignton yesterday morning Credit: Devon & Cornwall Police

A search is underway for a 50-year-old man who went missing from Paignton yesterday morning, 15 February.

Julian Reynolds left his home in the Maldon area of the town in a White Vauxhall Combo Van registration VN51OGV.

He is known to like Dartmoor and areas of natural beauty.

The police helicopter is out searching for Mr Reynolds.

Concern after pony shot with cross bow on Dartmoor

Pony shot with a cross bow on Dartmoor Credit: South West Equine Protection

Horse owners on Dartmoor are being warned to check their animals, after a pony was shot in the leg with a cross bow.

The pony was found near Yelverton with an arrow stuck in it's leg on Thursday. Equine Welfare Officers and the pony's owners managed to remove it and treat the animal.

People who may have seen anything or anyone acting suspiciously are asked to contact the police.

South West Equine Protection spokesperson: "We are all very concerned that there is someone out there brandishing a lethal weapon and using it to injure an innocent animal, and then leaving it to suffer unnecessarily. We are now trying to find any information from people that may have witnessed the incident or seen anyone acting suspiciously around the area."


Filmmakers capture a year in the life of Dartmoor

The film captures the beauty of autumn on Dartmoor Credit: Alex Nail & Guy Richardson

The scenery of Dartmoor is some of the most inspiring in the world. Two photographers were so inspired that they created a time-lapse film of the National Park showing its changing face throughout the seasons.

It took a painstaking attention to detail and extraordinary dedication. The results were so good that the eight minute finished film has been bought by the Dartmoor National Park Authority itself.

Our reporter Jacquie Bird has been to meet Alec Nail and Guy Richardson, the men behind the cameras, and find out a little about how they did it.

You can watch her report here:

Watch: time-lapse of Dartmoor through the seasons

Two filmmakers have managed to capture all four seasons on Dartmoor in a time-lapse film lasting just eight minutes.

Alex Nail from Bristol and Guy Richardson from Exeter spent a year taking photographs of the park to put together the colourful footage.

Take a look at some of the footage in this preview:

Dartmoor National Park will be using the footage to promote the area.

Dartmoor Zoo becomes a charity after crowd-funding campaign

A zoo that inspired a Hollywood film has become a charity.

It comes after an online crowd-funding appeal to raise £1.6m for Devon's Dartmoor Zoo closed on Monday after raising nearly £340,000.

The appeal was boosted by an anonymous gift of £300,000 from a mystery donor. Director Ben Mee said the gaining of the new status meant the zoo's future was "as secure as it has ever been".

Benjamin Mee bought the tourist attraction after the death of his wife Katherine in 2006, inspiring the film 'We Bought A Zoo', which starred Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson.

Dartmoor Zoo looks after a wide range of wild and exotic animals from tigers to tortoises Credit: ITV News

Dartmoor farmer allowed cannabis to be grown on land

John Shears has admitted allowing his land on Dartmoor to be used to grow cannabis Credit: Irving of Exeter

A former chairman of the Devon National Farmers Union has admitted allowing his land on Dartmoor to be used to grow cannabis.

John Shears has denied a second charge of producing the drug at his farm and now faces a trial at Exeter Crown Court next year.

Police seized 189 plants at the farm in May - capable of producing drugs worth thousands of pounds.

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