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Dartmoor ponies are being painted to protect them from drivers

Dartmoor ponies are being painted to protect them from drivers Credit: Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society

Reflective paint is being used on privately-owned ponies on Dartmoor in an effort to reduce the number of animals being killed.

It's hope the glow from the paint will slow motorists down.

The idea comes from a project in Finland that successfully protected reindeers.

Reflective paint is being used to reduce deaths Credit: Dartmoor Livestock Protection Society


WATCH: What's premiering after dark on Dartmoor tonight?

A hike on Dartmoor goes horribly wrong... Credit: Peter Nicholson Films
Credit: Peter Nicholson Films

A psychological thriller set in Devon will premiere on Dartmoor tonight.

Dartmoor Killing tells the tale of two female friends and their closely guarded secrets, who go hiking on the moor and enter a terrifying ordeal. The movie will be screened at Newbridge, with members of the cast and crew on site to meet the audience.

Charging to visit Dartmoor: could it happen and would you pay?

There's been a warning that visitors could be charged to visit Dartmoor National Park if government spending cuts continue.

The national park's budget has been slashed by 40% during the past five years - and it has lost a quarter of its staff.

Chancellor George Osborne hasn't ruled out further cuts over the next four years.

I think it's the zero option, but everything has to be on the table at the moment. We have to see how much the public and government value their national parks.

These are the lungs of this country - we manage 10% of the UK landmass for less than 83p a year per person in the Uk. I think that's incredible value for money.

– Peter Harper, Dartmoor National Park

Teenagers rescued after getting lost on Dartmoor

The teenagers were taking their Duke of Edinburgh Award on Dartmoor. Credit: ITV News

A group of schoolgirls had to be airlifted off Dartmoor last night, after getting lost while taking their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The six teenagers, aged between 17 and 18, raised the alarm when they became separated from their adult leader. Police were called and after an hour of searching, they were airlifted to safety by the police helicopter.

Young soldier's death could lead to review of military training

Private Cameron Laing was expecting his first child when he died last year. Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

A coroner says she'll be writing to the Ministry of Defence to review military training methods after a 20-year-old soldier died on Dartmoor.

Private Cameron Laing was crushed to death when he was pinned between a four-tonne trailer and an army truck.

The inquest into his death has heard that the troops on those trucks had been on duty for 15 hours - two hours longer than the army's daily work limit.

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