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Police warn people not to approach escaped prisoner

Police are trying to trace David Gilbert from Penzance who went missing from Hewell Prison in Worcestershire on Saturday.

They say they are working with Devon and Cornwall Police. Gilbert has relatives and friends across Devon and Cornwall but has had little contact with them in recent years.

West Mercia Police say they are assessing how much of a risk Mr Gilbert poses. They have issued the following statement.

Although he was serving a life sentence for murder, he was being considered for parole and the circumstances of the murder lead us to believe he is not considered to be a risk to the general public. However he may pose a risk to those he develops a relationship with. We urge anyone who sees Gilbert not to approach him but to contact police immediately.

Furthermore, we would ask anyone who may be helping him or sheltering him to contact us.

– Detective Inspector Robert Bruce, West Mercia Police