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Passengers evacuated after huge wave hits train at Dawlish

The railway line at Dawlish has been hit by storm waves in the past. Credit: ITV West Country

A train heading to Plymouth last night had to be evacuated after it was hit by an enormous wave, causing a power cut.

It took several hours for people to be removed from the Arriva Cross Country service after its electrics failed in Dawlish.

The Dawlish line has been hit by turbulent weather in the past, and was recently repaired after being partly washed away in a storm.

"First Great Western staff were called to help passengers on an Arriva CrossCountry train that had broken down in the Dawlish area last night.

"While the majority of First Great Western services were able to continue running, there were delays to some trains while the CrossCountry service was recovered."

– First Great Western spokesman

Elsewhere in the town, residents were also fighting against the bad weather. Drains were overwhelmed, and at least four houses were flooded.

After the storm: Timelapse of Dawlish repairs finally ending

Job Done: the Orange Army signs off on the repaired railway at Dawlish. Credit: Simon Deane

Over the last few weeks the 'orange army' completed the final milestone in their 18-month project to repair Dawlish's railway line; rebuild and strengthen the sea wall; and carry out cliff stabilisation work at Teignmouth, to prevent any future extreme weather causing the level of damage that occurred last year.

This means for the first time, the full length of the walkway from Dawlish Warren to Teignmouth can be used in both low and high tide.

We've now completed the final stage of our work to rebuild the railway line through Dawlish and improve the area's resilience.

This is a significant milestone in the town's history and so it seems only right we share it with the local community, which is why we have organised this event.

It is also very important to us to be able to thank residents for their patience and support throughout what has been a very complex, multi-site and multi-faceted project.

– Sophie Young, Network Rail's scheme project manager

While Network Rail's work to repair the damage in Dawlish is now complete, the company is continuing its work to secure the future of the railway line between Exeter and Newton Abbot.


Dawlish railway repairs completed more than a year after the storm

The line at Dawlish was damaged by storms last year. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Wire

Work to shore up the mainline railway at Dawlish has been completed - 18 months after devastating storms wiped out part of the line.

The final bit of reconstruction means that the full length of the walkway from Dawlish Warren to Teignmouth can be used in both low and high tides.

It will be officially reopened on Friday.

The works have been dogged by criticism relating to delays and funding.

Jellyfish spotted on Devon coastline

This jellyfish was one of four washed up at Dawlish sea wall Credit: James Crook

Here's some evidence of the increasing numbers of jellyfish being washed up on our coastline.

This chap was spotted by one of our viewers James Crook at Dawlish sea wall on Sunday 14 June. He said it was one of four that had washed up on the beach looking very "fresh and alive".

Have you seen missing Gary Knight?

Gary Knight was last spotted in Dawlish Credit: Devon and Cornwall Police

Police want the public's help in locating a 52-year old who's been missing for over twenty-four hours.

Gary Knight was last spotted leaving the Haldon Terrace area of Dawlish at around 11.30am yesterday (Sunday 12th April).

He's described as being stocky, wearing glasses and carrying a black rucksack.

Anyone with further information should contact the Police.


Ed Miliband tells Ian Axton "I will pay the mansion tax"

Labour leader Ed Miliband says he will probably have to pay the new mansion tax.

His party wants to introduce it and use the proceeds to pay for more staff in the NHS.

Recent reports suggest that Mr Miliband's London home is worth £2.6 million.

When asked if could afford the mansion text he responded "I'm a relatively well paid person".

I haven't done the calculation but for houses between £2 - £3 million its £250 in addition to the council tax. I suspect I'll be in that bracket .

– Ed Miliband, Labour Leader

Miliband says he'll make the West Country rail service 'a priority'

Labour leader Ed Miliband told ITV News West Country that he will make investment in the regions transport infrastructure 'a priority'.

We recognise the priority in the South West has got to have in relation to rail. There are clearly big issues, not just because of what happened at Dawlish, but in terms of connectivity. I'm not coming here with a blank cheque - you wouldn't expect me to do so as we have to get the deficit down - but it is important to say we are going to make this a priority.

– Ed Miliband, Labour Leader

Miliband on reports an offshore company gave Labour thousands of pounds

It's claimed today that Labour accepted £20,000 from a company whose owner is registered in the British Virgin Islands - a so called offshore tax haven.

It comes after the Labour leader said the Tories were a party of "Mayfair hedge fund and Monaco tax avoiders".

During an interview with ITV News West Country Mr Miliband was asked if registering a company in the British Virgin Islands was tax avoidance or not.

I'm not going to comment on the details of a situation that I haven't seen the details of.

– Ed Miliband, Labour Leader
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