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Oh deer - animals rescued from china clay works

Two cute deer were rescued from a china clay works after they became trapped in an old tank.

The deer were rescued from a china clay works settling tank Credit: St Austell CFRS

The stranded animals were freed from the settling tank after they were spotted in Cornwall.

Firefighters from St Austell and Bodmin worked together with the RSPCA to get to them, before the charity took them into care.

Credit: St Austell CFRS


Injured deer gives rescuers a surprise

An injured deer pulled from a lake gave rescuers a surprise when it was x-rayed - revealing she was pregnant.

The X-ray of the pregnant deer Credit: Vale Wildlife Centre

The Muntjac deer is being looked after by the Vale Wildlife Centre near Tewkesbury.

A spokesman says that deer are very susceptible to shock - so it is too early to say whether she will survive.

She is quite badly injured & deer are very susceptible to shock so it's too soon to judge really. Prognosis not good though.

– Vale Wildlife Centre

Report poachers, says a new campaign against illegal meat

There are a number of potential health risks associated with eating meat like wild venison. Credit: ITV West Country

People are being encouraged to report poachers, in a new campaign which aims to prevent illegal meat from landing on the region's dinner tables.

There are a number of potential health risks associated with eating meat like wild venison. Contamination can also occur as a result of unhygienic processing by people operating outside of the legal obligations.

Happy ending as injured deer gets its festive freedom

Going home for Christmas. Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

A roe deer that went blind after a car accident in Weston-super-mare has made a full recovery - just in time to help Rudolph with the deliveries.

She happened to be hit by veterinary nurse Emma Canill, who, when she saw what she had done, immediately rushed the unconscious animal to the surgery where she works.

Luckily she checked with a local wildlife rescue centre if she could just let her go, who pointed out that deer in traffic accidents can go temporarily blind from stress.

Naming her Prancer, Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill looked after her for several days, treating an ulcer in her eye. She was well enough yesterday to be released back into the wild.

Prancer is now back where she belongs - and Santa can rest easy that his sleigh is well tended.

No time to waste. Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Injured deer rescued by police officer in Somerset

The injured deer has been nursed back to health and released into the wild Credit: Avon & Somerset Police

A police officer has rescued an injured deer she found lying by the road near Frome. PC Lucy Bagnowiec came across the animal on Nunney Road while on patrol earlier this month.

PC Bagnowiec took it to a local farmer who is an animal expert. She says:

“The poor thing had an injured eye and was obviously in a state of shock. The farmer put it in a stable with a heat lamp, fed and watered and nursed it, and after four or five days it was well enough to be released.

She goes on to say, “It’s nice to report a happy ending - and just shows you never know what a day as a police officer will bring.”

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