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Happy ending as injured deer gets its festive freedom

Going home for Christmas. Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue.

A roe deer that went blind after a car accident in Weston-super-mare has made a full recovery - just in time to help Rudolph with the deliveries.

She happened to be hit by veterinary nurse Emma Canill, who, when she saw what she had done, immediately rushed the unconscious animal to the surgery where she works.

Luckily she checked with a local wildlife rescue centre if she could just let her go, who pointed out that deer in traffic accidents can go temporarily blind from stress.

Naming her Prancer, Secret World Wildlife Rescue in East Huntspill looked after her for several days, treating an ulcer in her eye. She was well enough yesterday to be released back into the wild.

Prancer is now back where she belongs - and Santa can rest easy that his sleigh is well tended.

No time to waste. Credit: Secret World Wildlife Rescue


HMS Sutherland comes to the rescue of drowning deer

A deer that was drowning in the sea off Plymouth has been rescued by sailors from a Royal Navy warship. HMS Sutherland was training in the Sound when the distressed deer was spotted in the water. The crew hoisted the animal into the vessel and released it back to the wild, unharmed.

Petty Officer Andrew Rodgers and the rescued deer Credit: Crown Copyright