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New 'happy group' to launch in Bristol

A new course starts in Bristol on Monday night looking at ways to overcome depression, teaching people how to think themselves happier without the use of prescription medication.

Lessons include the art of appreciation - training the mind to notice what is right in life rather than what is wrong.**

Doctors warn if you are clinically depressed it's unlikely you can get better through positive thinking alone.

Study shows girls with absent fathers more likely to develop depression

New research from the University of Bristol shows that girls whose fathers were absent during the first five years of their lives are more likely to develop depression in adolescence.

It's one of only a few studies that looks specifically at the timing of a father's departure and its effect on mental health.

The research is part of the 'Children of the 90s' study, which looks at almost 6000 children.


Olympic bronze medallist Tasha Danvers talks about her battle with depression

The Olympic medallist Tasha Danvers, who trained at Bath University and lives in Box in Wiltshire, has revealed she attempted suicide under the pressure of injury and trying to prepare for the Olympics.

She won a bronze in the 400 metre hurdles in 2008 in Beijing and was hoping to achieve similar glory this year in London, but an Achilles problem brought a premature end to her career.

Tonight she spoke to Ian Axton and Cordelia Lynch about her struggle.

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