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Plymouth Argyle player in hospital after training

A Plymouth Argyle footballer is in hospital after falling ill during training.

Marvin Morgan who signed for the club from Shrewsbury last year, was taken to Derriford Hospital yesterday morning. The striker spent the night there and is now awaiting test results.

The 31-year-old thanked the club's physio for 'saving his life' on his Twitter account.


Young trees destroyed

Vandalised saplings Credit: ITV News West Country

700 saplings in Plymouth have been destroyed by vandals. The trees, which were planted in the spring, include oak, ash and cherry. The saplings were destroyed over a series of months at the site in Bircham Valley, near Derriford Hospital. Only a few young trees now remain.


Derriford cancer care scores highly among patients

The majority of cancer patients treated at Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust feel the care they receive is excellent or very good, according to the latest independent study.

The survey commissioned by Quality Health asked adults who had been admitted to Derriford Hospital as an inpatient or as a day case patient between September and November 2012 to rate various aspects of the their care.

According to the latest results, 87% rated their overall care as ‘excellent’ and ‘very good’.

  1. Claire Manning

FULL REPORT : Torbay man recovering after kidney transplant

You may remember on Friday's programme we told you about Gavin Buckley from Torbay who after years of battling chronic kidney disease was donated a new kidney by his sister.

At the time, ITV News West Country was invited into the operating theatre in Plymouth to see the transplant take place. Well today, our reporter Claire Manning, went back to Derriford Hospital to meet up with Gavin to see how he's recovering:

The gift of a kidney: "1,000 thank yous couldn't justify it"

It's National Transplant Week - a time when the Transplant Service wants us all to discuss with our families what our feelings are about donating our organs when we die. It's a difficult conversation, so one that many of us avoid.

Our reporter Claire Manning went to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth, to see for herself a kidney transplant operation taking place - a procedure that involved one sister giving her brother the most incredible gift.

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