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Armed officers on standby in light of Paris attacks

Devon & Cornwall Police is making sure armed officers are available if necessary Credit: ITV News

Armed police are to be put standby for major public events in Devon and Cornwall following the attacks in Paris earlier this month.

In the days following the Paris attacks, to help maintain public reassurance and confidence,we increased visible patrols, particularly at sensitive sites.

At no time have the number of armed officer on our streets increased, however we have reviewed our tactics and resilience at major events to ensure that we have sufficient armed resources on stand-by, should we need them.

Our policing style hasn't changed and local communities are encouraged to engage with officers and staff.

– Devon & Cornwall Police spokesperson


Devon & Cornwall taxpayers will no longer be asked for more to save police

Credit: ITV West Country

Taxpayers in Devon and Cornwall will no longer be asked to support a 15% increase in their council tax to help save police jobs this year.

It follows an announcement that the Government has abandoned the police funding formula, which would have taken millions in funding from Devon and Cornwall, in favour of a new survey.

The Home Office has admitted mistakes in its formula, and will spend the next year reviewing it. This means that police forces will likely not know exactly what financial position they are in until December 2016.

Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg estimates that the force will be losing £39m rather than the £54m the government's inaccurate formula had suggested - but that this will still mean some tough choices.

“Mike Penning’s welcome decision to delay the review of police funding means it is no longer necessary to make a decision on a large council tax increase this year.”

“I will make my budget decisions before and after Christmas and I expect there will still be uncertainty in the final budget position"

“I have therefore decided it is more appropriate that any request to consider something as important as a large increase in council tax should be made when the position is clearer and, given this significant development, probably in the next financial year.”

“A £39m budget reduction is still going to be really challenging."“Many aspects of policing will alter significantly and many services provided by the police currently provided may not be done in the future. Hundreds of police officers, PCSOs and staff jobs will still be lost. Many further police stations will be closed.

“The chief constable and I will still need to make a number of difficult decisions over the next few months and it is all the more important that the police play a full part in keeping themselves safe.”

– Tony Hogg, Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner

Elderly woman conned out of life savings over the phone

Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire

Fraudsters are targeting elderly people in the West Country and duping them out of their life savings over the phone.

Police say the latest victim, a woman in her 80s from Totnes, was persuaded to hand over £6,000 because she was worried her bank account was at risk.

A man phoned her, saying he was from the Serious Fraud Department of the Metropolitan Police and that there had been security problems with her account. She was asked to withdraw her money, and was later persuaded to hand it over as 'evidence' to a female colleague who then visited later in the day.

Similar incidents reported in Devon in the last few days include a 76-year-old woman from Plympton, a man from Totnes and a 53-year-old woman from Torrington, who were all asked to hand over money but refused.

Police are warning that fraudsters will pretend to be calling from the bank or from the police, and will be incredibly convincing.

The latest scam is to ask the victim to transfer money through a foreign currency exchange.


Hundreds of police job losses feared in Devon and Cornwall

Credit: ITV West Country

There are fears that Devon and Cornwall Police could be about to announce hundreds more job losses.

Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg and Chief Constable Shaun Sawyer are due to discuss the possibility of more job losses at a meeting in Plymouth tomorrow.

The force already has plans in place to cut 500 staff over the next five years.

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