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Christmas caller requests police 'pretend to pull daughter over'

A member of the public called 101 on Christmas Day requesting an officer 'pretend to pull his daughter over'.

The caller from the Devon and Cornwall area rang the non-emergency line after giving his daughter a toy car.

He told the call handler:

I’ve bought my young daughter a toy saloon car that she can sit in and pedal.

Please can you send a police officer out to our street and pretend to pull her over and arrest her to show her what happens.

– Christmas caller
The caller asked that police pretend to pull his daughter over to 'show her what happens'. (File pic) Credit: Jan Woitas/DPA/PA

The call was highlighted on the force's Facebook page - where they declined the request.

They also reminded the caller that " even on Christmas Day our officers must be available to deal with crime and other serious incidents".

Please remember that the 101 service should only be used for reporting information about crimes, for reporting non-urgent crimes or for enquiries about policing matters in Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.

– Devon & Cornwall Police

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