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Campaigners win battle over Clyst Valley

The Clyst Valley shrouded in mist this morning Credit: ITV News

Campaigners have won their battle to protect hundreds of acres of farmland near Exeter from being flooded regularly.

The Environment Agency has dropped a multi million pound project to create a tidal wetland area for birds in the Clyst Valley.

It's a victory for common sense. The Environment Agency must have spent hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers' money on the consultants and it's achieved nothing. A small fraction of that money could have been spent repairing the ditches, picking out the dead trees, allowing the water to escape into the river like a natural flood plain should do.

– Michael Dart, Farmer


Plymouth students "thought heroin was cocaine"

A sign in Amsterdam warning tourists about drugs Credit: ITV News

Two students from Plymouth have died after taking a lethal batch of heroin during a trip to Amsterdam. Their bodies were found in a hotel room just hours after taking the white powder.

Police believe they took the drug thinking it was cocaine and were targeted by the same street dealers linked to the death of another Briton a few weeks ago.

Students fall victim to white heroin in Amsterdam

A sign in Amsterdam warning tourists about drugs Credit: ITV News

Two men reported to be from Devon have died after allegedly taking white heroin in Amsterdam.

It's thought the students took the substance thinking it was cocaine. Their bodies were found on Tuesday. Police have confirmed the drug was heroin.

We found traces of white powder, we checked the white powder it looks like cocaine but it is not cocaine it is white heroin.

It is a massive problem and thats why we alert the British media - be aware, don't buy any form of hard drugs.

– Rob Van Der Veen, Amsterdam Police


Torquay bidding to host top yacht race

Torquay is hoping to host one of the world's most prestigious yacht races next year.

Solitaire Du Figaro is a 2000-mile race around the world. The town is launching its bid to be the UK stopover later.

Hosting the race could bring thousands of pounds to the local economy.

The start of the 2013 Solitaire race in France. Credit: PA

The People's Millions: Wednesday's Vote

The projects going head-tohead in tonight's vote are Freedom 2 and Scoot-a-Boat.

Here’s your chance to vote for the project you’d like to see get the money. To vote from a landline call 09015 228206 or from mobiles ONLY call 6228206 and press option 1 for Freedom 2 or press option 2 for Scoot-a-Boat.

Mobile and BT landline votes cost 15p. Other landlines may vary. Lines close at midnight tonight. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO VOTE IF YOU ARE WATCHING ON DEMAND.

For terms and conditions see here

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