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South West set for small rise in house prices

Last year saw a much bigger rise in prices. Credit: Barrington Coombs/EMPICS Sport

Experts are predicting a 2% increase in houses prices in the South West next year.

According to the annual market forecast from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, the region is set for one of smallest regional growths in the country.


Mother calls on NHS to help children with muscular dystrophy

Ruth Le Gal's son has muscular dystrophy. Credit: ITV News

A mother from Devon is urging the NHS to approve a drug that could help treat children with muscular dystrophy.

Ruth Le Gal's son Leo is being treated with Translana in America - and while it is widely approved elsewhere in Europe, the NHS are yet to make it available here.

She says it is vital children get it as soon as possible.

Although the medication isn't designed or intended to restore function that has been lost - so we haven't seen him miraculously leap up and run around - it has stabilised his condition, which is a fantastic thing for us because it means he is no longer getting any worse.

– Ruth Le Gal

Mother of three says she'll fight deportation decision

A mother-of-three who is being deported back to Thailand two days after Christmas says she'll fight the decision all the way.

Kingdao Wade has been told she'll be deported on December 27 because she is living here on a visitors visa. Her Brixham family is now locked in a legal battle with the Home Office to see if they can secure a reprieve.


Devon family could be torn apart this Christmas

Kingdao and Andy Wade and two of their children. Credit: ITV News

Three Devon children face losing their mother just after Christmas because she is due to be deported.

Kingdao Wade has been with her family in Brixham on a visitor visa from Thailand.

She should have a spousal visa - but new rules make it impossible for her and her husband Andy to qualify for one until at least May. She is due to be deported on December 27th.

I will fight every way, all the ways I can, for the right for my family to be together and for my children to have their loving mother.

– Andy Wade, Kingdao's husband
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