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Britain's largest fly has been found in Devon

This is the first time in 15 years that the hornet robberfly has been found in the area. Credit: National Trust

An enormous predatory fly - the largest in the country - has been found at a National Trust farm in Devon.

The hornet robberfly is harmless to humans, but it's a "fearsome predator" of grasshoppers, and its larvae feed on the beetle grubs in cow dung.

Once common across southern England, its numbers have fallen dramatically due to losing its habitat - and this is the first time it has been seen on the East Soar farm near Bolt Head in 15 years.

Credit: National Trust

"We were both surprised and delighted to find this spectacular fly, Britain's largest, on National Trust land near Bolt Head."

– Rob Wolton, who discovered the fly

"A lot of work has been carried out by the Trust and our tenants over the last 4 years to improve the condition of the coastal area for the benefit of a wide range of wildlife. We are really pleased to see discoveries like the hornet robberfly which would not survive without the right grazing conditions."

– Emma Reece, National Trust Area Ranger


Man arrested after car crashes into flats in Plymouth

Credit: ITV West Country
Credit: ITV West Country

A 27-year-old man from Cornwall has been arrested after a car crashed into flats last night in Plymouth.

The building on St Levan Road was evacuated and the six occupants spent the night in temporary accommodation. It's understood no one was seriously injured. A police investigation has been launched.

Credit: ITV West Country
Credit: ITV West Country

Guess which rugby fan is at Sandy Park tonight?

Prince Harry has been meeting young rugby players, and has stayed on to watch the match at Sandy Park. Credit: ITV West Country

Prince Harry has been meeting students on a 'rugby empowerment into employment' programme at Sandy Park. He's also been visiting to watch the match - seeing Georgia beat Namibia by 1 point.

The prince has said he isn't switching his Rugby World Cup allegiance to Wales. When asked at Exeter if he'll now support Wales like his brother, he laughed - saying there are lots of teams to support.

Credit: ITV West Country
Credit: ITV West Country
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