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A Christmas lights controversy in the West Country

While most people in the South West are admiring the Christmas light displays that are popping up in our town and city centres - the residents of two towns aren't being quite so complimentary.

No, in Tiverton and Penzance the displays look like pants - according to locals.

That's not their way of saying they look bad - they literally look like pants.

Penzance Credit: Mick & Karen Warne
Tiverton Credit: Apex News and Pictures

Teresa Fogarty of Penzance Town Council said:

"We got a lot of comments the first year they went up. It was quite hilarious people saw the funny side of it and it's quite quirky which fits in with Penzance, that's the kind of town we are, nobody's been offended by them not that I've heard, and it just adds to the fun of Christmas which is supposed to be a jolly time anyway."

– Teresa Fogarty, Penzance Town Council
Even in the cold light of day the Christmas lights in Penzance bear a strong resemblance to underwear. Credit: ITV News

Armed officers on standby in light of Paris attacks

Devon & Cornwall Police is making sure armed officers are available if necessary Credit: ITV News

Armed police are to be put standby for major public events in Devon and Cornwall following the attacks in Paris earlier this month.

In the days following the Paris attacks, to help maintain public reassurance and confidence,we increased visible patrols, particularly at sensitive sites.

At no time have the number of armed officer on our streets increased, however we have reviewed our tactics and resilience at major events to ensure that we have sufficient armed resources on stand-by, should we need them.

Our policing style hasn't changed and local communities are encouraged to engage with officers and staff.

– Devon & Cornwall Police spokesperson


Plymouth's Mayflower Steps will be lit up to commemorate pilgrim past

The Mayflower steps are due to be lit up today, Thanksgiving Day Credit: ITV News

Lights for the Mayflower Steps in Plymouth are being switched on for the first time this afternoon, to commemorate the city's pilgrim history.

Up to 16 million Americans can trace their ancestry back to the voyage which set sail from the city in 1620. Plymouth is planning a huge celebration to mark the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower in five years' time.

Plymouth is planning a huge celebration to mark the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower in five years' time. Credit: ITV West Country
Credit: ITV West Country
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