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Rescue operation finds crew safe and well

Plymouth lifeboat are towing the fishing boat to shore Credit: ITV News

Two crew members have been found safe and well after a huge search rescue was underway this morning.

Five lifeboats and a helicopter took part in the search off Plymouth after an open fishing boat reported it had broken down in fog. It took the rescue crews several hours to find the boat in poor visibility.

Plymouth lifeboat is now towing the boat back into Plymouth.


Controversial sculpture 'vandalised'

A controversial sculpture of Merlin carved into the rock face of a historic castle has been vandalised.

The life-size carving was unveiled just two months ago after it was commission by English Heritage at Tintagel - the legendary birthplace of King Arthur.

Traditionalists accused them of 'Disneyfication' and 'dumbing down' in a bid to boost tourist numbers.

But now, Merlin's nose appears to have been hacked off.

Part of Merlin's nose appears to have been deliberately knocked off Credit: Peter Glaser

Photographer Peter Glaser, who spotted the damage.

I would say it was something done on purpose.

This has been a well publicised carving in the rock face, internationally renowned due to objections to English Heritage.

Claims of vandalism have been made about English Heritage with these additions, and now they themselves are subjected to possible vandalism.

– Peter Glaser

There has been no comment yet from English Heritage or Kernow Matters To Us, the organisation which criticised the original carving.

KMTU, who are dedicated to preserving the integrity of Cornwall's history and culture, described the sculpture itself as "vandalism".

Credit: Peter Glaser
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