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Art installation shown at Dismaland is back in Bruton

The installation by Jimmy Cauty is known as Aftermath Dislocation Principle Credit: ITV News

An art installation shown at Dismaland last summer is back in the West for art lovers to view. The installation is hidden inside a forty foot shipping container and offers the chance to look at a model village with a twist.

Peek inside and there's a handcrafted miniature town - showing scenes of destruction and chaos. The installation is by Jimmy Cauty and inside there is a fictitious town you can view through peep holes.

It is known as Aftermath Dislocation Principle. It was first shown at Banksy's Dismaland in Weston-super-Mare last summer. But now it's on a UK tour - kicking off at Bruton Art Factory.

Banksy's Dismaland "bemusement" park was hugely successful, with enormous demand for tickets. This is a chance for those who didn't get tickets to see a most thought-provoking piece of art.

Gallery Directory Suzanne Bisset told ITV News: "It's a massive coup for us to get it and we're really pleased. Lots of people couldn't get tickets to Dismaland or weren't able to get in for whatever reason, whereas here it's free to get in and everybody's welcome."

For the next few days visitors to Bruton will be able to get a surreal model village experience. It's hoped it will be inspiring for all who view it.

Banksy brings art to the 'Jungle'

Artist Banksy has left his mark on the so-called Credit: Banksy

Banksy has left his mark on the 'Jungle' in Calais, where migrants and refugees are camped out in squalid conditions.

A portrait of Apple founder Steve Jobs in the artist's distinct spray-paint style has appeared on a bridge in the camp.

It appeared as infrastructure from Banksy's 'Dismaland' parody theme park was moved from its original spot in Weston-super-Mare to the Calais camp.

Theme park staff have been constructing emergency housing in Calais as part of the Dismal Aid project.

Steve Jobs artwork by Banksy Credit: ITV News

EXCLUSIVE: Banksy gifts a piece of Dismaland to Weston

ITV News has exclusively been told that the Bristol artist Banksy who brought the crowds to Weston-super-Mare this summer for his Dismaland exhibition is leaving a piece of it behind.

The pinwheel - looking quite Dismal on Weston-super-Mare seafront - will soon be up and working again Credit: ITV News

Dismaland was a huge success this summer and the artist plans to leave a lasting legacy at the former Tropicana centre. The huge pinwheel will soon be put back up - complete with sand!

The pinwheel in place at this summer's Dismaland exhibition Credit: PA


Donations from Dismaland exhibition head to France for aid

Donations from Dismaland exhibition head to France for aid Credit: ITV News

Volunteers and donations from Banksy's Dismaland exhibition will be heading to France as part of an aid convoy.

Materials used for the Weston-super-Mare event will be added to supplies of food and clothing collected in recent weeks.

The convoy, which leaves next Friday, is also supported by lorries from the Arcadia group who performed in the city last month.

Imogen Mc Intosh is from Aid Box Convoy: