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Dog attacks 21 sheep

Police are hunting a savage dog which killed and wounded twenty-one sheep in one attack. The dog killed eight sheep and injured thirteen others at the smallholding in Stoke St Michael, Somerset.

It must have been a big dog with a large mouth to have done such damage. Whatever dog did this must have returned home absolutely covered in blood.

– Maria Penn, farmer

3 rare breed cattle injured in dog attack

The dog, described by eyewitnesses as a 'pit bull type' ran into the fields last night. Credit: ITV Westcountry

3 rare breed cattle have been injured in a dog attack. The dog was shot and killed by a farmer as it mauled one of the cows at a farm in Perranuthnoe near Penzance. Devon & Cornwall Police said the farmer was within his rights to shoot the animal, and weren't making any further investigations.