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Number of stray dogs increases by 70%

Around 14 stray or abandoned dogs are picked up every day in our region by local authorities. That's according to an annual Stray Dogs Survey.

More than 5,000 stray dogs have been picked up in 2012 Credit: ITV Westcountry

It found that there was a 70 per cent rise in the number of stray dogs found in the South West over the past 4 years. Nearly one hundred and twenty thousand dogs were picked up across the country over the last 12 months.


  1. Daisy Gray

Dog attacks: Critics say microchipping won't help

Government plans to microchip all dogs won't help stop attacks on children, according to critics. One south west MP says the proposals will hit middle class pet owners and fail to deter yobs from using dogs as weapons.

It's a view shared by a mother from Weymouth, whose 3-year-old daughter was attacked by a dog nine months ago.

Daisy Gray's report contains some upsetting images


  1. David Woodland

Couple banned from keeping animals for eight years

A couple who kept more than 70 pets in their semi detached home in Minehead have been banned from keeping animals for eight years. The RSPCA found 56 dogs and a variety of other animals. Four had to be put down. Most are now being rehomed.

Our Somerset correspondent David Woodland was in court and reports on how James and Nicola Hood pleaded guilty to nine charges of cruelty and neglect and were fined 500 pounds

Views on dog bans

Dog owner Gill Parker comes to St Ives on holiday twice a year. She says any further bans would put her off.

It would mean that we would have to find somewhere else to go and I think that's a great shame. I think if you look around St Ives at times like this there are lots of people with dogs and they obviously come for the same reason, they can bring their dogs on the beach. I think if they can't do that it will have an impact on St Ives, they're going to lose a lot of revenue in the shops, in the accomodation.

– Gill Parker, Dog owner

The proposals being looked at by the town council have come about because of concerns over fouling and dogs not being under control.

Dogs can cause a problem on beaches, particularly those used by families and children. We've had children being covered in dog mess because it's been buried in the sand, also people are frightened by dogs running loose, and we've also had problems of dogs relieving themselves against rocks and it runs into rockpools that children are playing in.

– Mayor Ron Tulley
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