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Rare coin could be worth £50,000

Solid silver ‘Declaration Pound’ Credit: Duke's auction house

A rare coin dating from the start of the English Civil War is due to go under the hammer in Dorchester today.

The solid silver Declaration Pound was minted for Charles the First in Oxford in 1643.

It has an estimate of £20,000 – but could go for up to £50,000.

This coin marked Charles I’s attempts to regain his failing power and it represents a pivotal moment in the history of the British Isles.

It is a coin which is rare to find and it will cause a stir in the coin collecting world.

The value of coins from this period are at an all-time high, and it will be highly sought after.

The coin has been handed down through several generations to the current owner, who had no idea of its value and is as excited about the auction at Duke’s.

– Timothy Medhurst, a coin specialist and auctioneer at Duke’s

Dorset protests over cuts to rural bus services

People angry at cuts to rural bus services in Dorset have been protesting in Dorchester.

They stood on the steps of County Hall ahead of a council meeting. Evening buses between Axminster, Bridport and Dorchester have been reduced, as have services to some communities. Campaigners want the council to look at how concessionary fares are paid to bus companies.

Protesters on the steps of County Hall

I have no alternative, I can't do my job. My children can't go out, they can't even go to the cinema. They can't have the life I had as a kid and go out. And it;s down to the County Council and it's down to the bus group to sit down and work this out and keep people employed and keep the economy running.



Shooters' Olympic training ground closes

Dorset shooter Peter Wilson, who won gold at London 2012, trained at Southern Counties Shooting Credit: PA

The shooting ground in Dorset used by Olympic gold medal winner Peter Wilson has closed. Southern Counties Shooting shut on Sunday.

The Centre in Dorchester was the official training ground for the Olympics 2012 shooting team.

It will still be open for corporate and beginner clay shooting.

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Gunpowder found in items seized at Dorchester house

Police have confirmed that a number of items discovered in a house in Dorchester contained gunpowder.

The body of a man in his 40s was found along with the explosive devices at the house on St George's Road.

The Army's Bomb disposal unit did not consider them to be viable but they were safely disposed of as a precaution.

Officers say there is nothing to suggest a link to a radical organisation.

The death is not being treated as suspicious and the man's next of kin has been informed.

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Body and explosives found at Dorchester house

The body of a man in his 40s has been found along with explosive devices at a house in St George’s Road in Dorchester.

Police were called just before 7am. The death is not being treated as suspicion and the man's next of kin has been informed.

While officers were searching the home, they discovered a number of unidentified devices and called in the Army’s Bomb Disposal Unit who have now dealt with the situation.


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Mirrors make £20,000 at auction

Some of the 120 mirrors that went under the hammer in Dorset Credit: ITV News

More than 120 pub mirrors and glass panes have been sold for £20,000 at auction in Dorchester.

Many were used as props in films and TV programmes but they were put on sale as old-fashioned pubs are no longer popular for dramas.

The auction was held by Duke's Auctioneers, which says there was a lot of interest in the items, with plenty of new buyers coming forward.

It says the total raised "exceeded expectations".

The mirrors came from a prop hire company, which found they were no longer needed Credit: ITV News
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More than 100 pub mirrors go "under the hammer"

Just a small sample of the mirrors going up for auction in Dorchester this week Credit: Duke's Auctioneers

More than 120 pub mirrors, glass panes and other fittings are going up for auction in Dorchester this week (Tuesday).

They come from a prop hire company and some may even have appeared on television. They're being sold as there's no demand for pub sets these days. Programme-makers also prefer perspex to glass for safety reasons and try to avoid brand names.

Dorset golf club that inspired the Ryder Cup

Sam Ryder is thought to have had the idea for the Ryder Cup competition playing golf in Dorset Credit: ITV Westcountry

The Ryder Cup gets underway today but if it wasn't for a golf course in Dorset, it might never have happened.

Sam Ryder used to play at the Came Down Golf Club between Dorchester and Weymouth in the 1920s and it's thought that was where the idea was born.

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