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Charity fund raiser shows how difficult it is to sleep on a life raft

Charity fund raiser Wayne Ingram is spending 7 days and nights living on a life raft in Portland Harbour.

He is attempting to simulate what it would be like for a person finding themselves having to abandon ship whilst out at sea.

Wayne entered the life raft on Monday. His target is to raise £20,000 for the accommodation provided for families of children undergoing treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

He's posted a video showing how he sleeps and tries to keep warm on the raft:

Life raft fundraiser spends first night at sea

A serial fund-raiser from Dorset's waking up after his first night in a life raft in Portland Harbour. Wayne Ingram's planning to spend a week on the water. He'll live on emergency rations, and to make matters even more difficult, suffers from claustrophobia and gets seasick easily.

He's raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital.


Charity fundraiser starts seven-day raft living challenge

There's no place like home: Wayne sizes up where he'll be spending the next seven days Credit: ITV News

A charity fundraiser, who's already raised hundreds of thousands of pounds, begins his latest venture today.

Wayne Ingram will live on a raft on Portland Marina for seven days and nights. He's raising money for families at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Wayne is a Pride of Britain nominee for his work raising money for a young boy's life-changing surgery.

Phone call of attempt to scam woman in Dorset

People in Dorset falling victim to phone scams Credit: ITV News

Dorset police have released a recording of a phone call where someone is attempting to scam a pensioner out of money.

So far this year people in Dorset have been scammed out of £350,000.

Police are now using this recording, captured by a woman in the region, to make people aware of how the fraudsters operate:

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