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Vintage cyclists take to the streets of Exeter

Vintage cyclists take to the streets of Exeter Credit: ITV News

In Exeter this weekend pedal-pushers pushed back the clock to a more leisurely era. One hundred enthusiasts gathered to re-cycle cycling's greatest era.

Vintage events like this are drawing ever bigger crowds.

I commute to work on my bike, and then we were invited to a Tweed Run in London which is 500 people all dressed in tweed and they take it incredibly seriously, have a lovely time and you go out and you have a picnic and you cycle around London and the crowds come out and wave, and I quite enjoyed that. And one thing led to another and before you know it you;re looking for these sorts of events all over the country and people cycling and dressing up and it's all very friendly and we have a lovely time.

– Ann Charlesworth, Vintage cyclist
A hundred enthusiasts took part in the event Credit: ITV News
Vintage cycling events are drawing in large numbers of supporters Credit: ITV News


Ambulance staff join national walk out over pay

Ambulance staff on the picket line outside the Exeter ambulance station Credit: ITV News

Health workers in the south west have been taking part in a four hour strike today.

Members of the GMB and Unison unions walked out at 7 o'clock this morning in an ongoing dispute over pay. It's the second wave of industrial action being taken by health workers. They took similar action last month.

Today's four-hour walk out will be followed by a work-to-rule which will last until the end of the month.

The workers are calling for a 1% pay rise, which the Government says it can't afford Credit: ITV News

Killerton House transformed for Christmas

Nutcracker theme at Killerton House Credit: Killerton

A National Trust Property near Exeter has been transformed for Christmas.

Killerton has been decorated along the theme of the Nutcracker. It will open its doors to the public tomorrow.

A team of volunteers have been working on the decorations since May - and have produced hundreds of handmade decorations.

  • 50 strings of fairy lights
  • 90 nutcrackers
  • 1,500 baubles
  • 70 Chinese spoons
  • 30 Christmas trees
Volunteers have made hundreds of decorations Credit: Killerton


Rugby World Cup will bring millions to Exeter's economy

The Webb Ellis Cup Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA

It is estimated that the Rugby World Cup in 2015 will bring £17 million to Exeter's economy.

An economic impact study has revealed that the Tournament will generate economic output of £39 million - £17 million of which will be added to the local economy.

Sandy Park will be one of 13 venues hosting matches during the Tournament - which begins next September.

Mystery donor leaves £2,000 at charity shop

The money in bundles of £20 notes was left in a bag outside a charity shop in Exeter Credit: ITV News

A mystery donor has left more than £2,000 in cash at the door of a charity shop in Exeter. They left the money in a bag outside the store in Cowick Street with other second-hand goods.

Staff called the police in case the money - in bundles of £20 notes - was left by mistake. Officers are now trying to trace the person who left the money after the shop closed on Monday night, 10 November.

There is nothing to suggest that it is not legitimate but we want to make sure that the person who left the money intended to do so.

The money, which was in used £20 notes and was in excess of £2,000, was in the bag with other items and left outside a charity shop.

It was left before the shop opened and all we are trying to do is confirm that it was the donor's wish to give the money to the charity.

We would like to hear from the person who left the money or from a relative who knows if someone has given away a large sum recently.

– Devon & Cornwall Police spokesperson
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