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Exeter archaeological dig uncovers Bronze Aid burials

A trench cut across the 2m V shaped ditch. Credit: Cotswold Archaeology

A archaeological dig, which is taking place in Devon ahead of a major new housing development, is already yielding results.

The team working at Redhayes near Exeter has identified a Bronze Age enclosure with up to 70 burials.

They say evidence shows the site was in use for a long time. Their findings will go on display next spring.

We have identified a Bronze Age enclosure with a two metre deep ditch. These enclosures are a bit of a mystery in that they don’t appear to be defensive as there are no stores or homes within them but they look far too large to be simply for retaining livestock.

We have found remains of up to 70 burials within the enclosure which we believe to be from the late Roman or post Roman British/Anglo Saxon period. We have also found a number of furnaces or corn dryers used to dry a variety of cereals and several additional Bronze Age ditches as well as later post- medieval ones. The site had clearly been in use for a long time.

– Richard Greatorex, Cotswold Archaeology


Sandy Park stripped of World Cup branding

Exeter's Sandy Park stadium has been returned to the club after staging 3 Rugby World Cup matches.

The ground is being stripped of all of the RWC logos and advertising boards.

A huge logistical job is underway clearing out all the media and television equipment used to broadcast games.

Sandy Park is stripped of all Rugby World Cup branding as Exeter's role in the tournament comes to an end. Credit: ITV News

Exeter Citizens' Advice Bureau warns of soaring debt

The Citizens' Advice Bureau is calling for more Government support for people on benefits Credit: ITV News

A charity in Exeter is warning the amount of debt facing its clients has risen by almost £3,000 this year.

The Citizen's Advice Bureau says the average amount of urgent debt owed is more than £6,000 for expenses such as mortgages, rent and council tax.

The charity is calling for more Government support with benefits and help to buy or rent property.

Sandy Park host Rugby World Cup 2015 for last time

It's Italy v Romania at Sandy Park Credit: ITV News

As England bow out of their own Rugby World Cup, there are fresh calls for Exeter Chief's stars to step up and be trusted.

Henry Slade and Jack Nowell shined in their first appearance of the tournament as they helped put sixty points against Uruguay.

This afternoon the spotlight turned to their club at Sandy Park as the city hosted it's final game in which Italy beat Romania securing qualification for the 2019 World Cup in Japan.

Sandy Park plays host to the Rugby World Cup for the last time Credit: ITV News
Italy V Romania in Exeter's final Rugby World Cup 2015 game Credit: ITV News
Large crowds queue up at Sandy Park Credit: ITV News


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