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Sinking vessel salvaged from off The Lizard

Work is being done to salvage a cargo vessel that was sinking off The Lizard this morning. Five crew members were brought into Falmouth after efforts to pump water from the vessel failed.

"We received the mayday broadcast from the 'Sea Breeze' at 7.00 am and were able to get lifeboats and the helicopter on scene quickly, along with other vessels that were in the vicinity. The lifeboats and helicopter pumped water off the cargo vessel, whilst HMS Tyne was on its way with commercial pumps. "

"However, unfortunately, the smaller pumps could not keep up with the ingress of water and the crew had to abandon ship at 8.40 am. Five of the crew are now safely ashore. A couple of them have minor injuries. The captain has remained on scene on board HMS Tyne to help with the salvage operation."

– Alex Greig, Falmouth Coastguard Watch Manager

You can see footage from the rescue here


Falmouth Coastguard to the rescue

A solo sailor in the Atlantic Ocean has Falmouth Coastguard to thank for rescuing him, after his vessel started taking in water 700 miles from Barbados destination.

The man was forced to issue a Mayday when his cabin of his yacht the "Tangaroa" was ankle-deep in water.

Falmouth Coastguards contacted their Martinique counterparts, who co-ordinated a rescue by a merchant vessel. The sailor, who's from London, is now safely onboard after abandoning his yacht.

Father and daughter rescued from fog near Padstow

A man and his five-year-old daughter were guided back to shore after becoming lost in their boat in thick fog off Padstow last night. Falmouth Coastguards received an emergency call out at 6:20pm

We always urge people to check the weather before they set off, just in case they get caught out in fog like this evening. You also need make sure all your communications equipment on board is working so you can call for help if needed. We also want to take this opportunity to remind people to wear a lifejacket. It's useless unless worn, and could save your life."

– Simon Dennis, Watch Officer at Falmouth Coastguard,