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Basking sharks arrive in Cornwall earlier than expected

The first basking sharks of 2015 have been spotted arriving near Falmouth.

They turn up near Cornwall's southern coastline every year but are not normally seen until the middle of May.

However our increasingly warmer waters are luring them earlier and it is thought the recent warm weather may have prompted the arrival of these two sharks.

The sharks were filmed on Wednesday at Cadgwith and Coverack off the Lizard peninsula on the southern tip of Cornwall.

*Video from AP Wildlife Cruises


Falmouth University Chancellor gets her own stamp

French and Saunders appear on new stamp Credit: Royal Mail

Royal Mail has launched a set of stamps celebrating comedy greats and they include the recently appointed Chancellor of Falmouth University, Dawn French.

The comedienne appears along side her performing partner of many years Jennifer Saunders.

Dawn French appears on stamp Credit: Royal Mail

For decades, the UK has long boasted some of the most influential and significant comedy talent in the world.

This set of stamps rightly pays tribute to the comedians who have made the nation laugh out loud at their ground-breaking comedy genius.

Royal Mail vans in the locations with strong links to the comedians will feature an image of the relevant stamp.

– Andrew Hammond, Head of Stamps and Collectibles at Royal Mail

Military hospital ship awarded for work during the Ebola crisis

A military hospital ship which left Falmouth in September to help combat the Ebola crisis in West Africa is to receive a special award.

The RFA Argus will receive an Admiralty Board Letter of Commendation. It's thought this is the first time the award has been granted to an operational unit.

RFA Argus will receive a special award for her work during the Ebola crisis Credit: PA

During her deployment to Sierra Leone Argus has made a significant contribution to the UK's effort to halt the spread of Ebola.

She has helped to establish the crucial medical treatment centres and has provided vital transport capability allowing medical workers to reach the areas most affected by the disease and by providing medical reassurance to the British personnel deployed to the region.

– Defence Secretary Michael Fallon

What impact did the Vikings have on Britain?

An exhibition opens at Falmouth's maritime museum today showing the impact the Vikings had on Britain when they invaded more than twelve hundred years ago.

The south west was their first port of calls and they frequently raided settlements on the north Cornish coast.

Artefacts on display include the swords and axes they used in battle.

Gareth Williams is a Viking Expert.

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