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VIDEO: Hundreds of farmers create blockade in milk price row

Farmers are warning that a blockade at Robert Wiseman Dairy in Bridgwater by hundreds of farmers could be the 'first of many'. They are still there tonight preventing deliveries in protest at the company's decision to cut the amount it gives them for milk.

It's dropped the price it pays by four pence in the last three months. Our reporter Jeff Welch has been there for us.

Farmers warn milk blockade is 'first of many'

Farmers are warning tonight that a blockade at Robert Wiseman Dairy by hundreds of farmers could be the 'first of many'. The chairman of Farmers For Action David Handley says farmers 'want their money back' and that there was no justification for the first price reduction.

Farmers are preventing Robert Wiseman from making milk deliveries Credit: ITV West Country

There are five protests going on across the country tonight.

Farmers have been blockading Robert Wiseman Dairy since early this evening Credit: ITV West Country

Mr Handley says if Robert Wiseman fails to reinstate farmers with the money they've lost since the cuts 'there will be no milk moving in the UK after August 1st'. That's the date the second two pence price cut comes into force, making the total cuts in the past three months four pence per litre.


BREAKING: Farmers protesting over milk prices

Hundreds of angry dairy farmers from across the South West are beginning to gather in Somerset tonight to join a blockade of the Robert Wiseman Dairy in Bridgwater. The company processes and delivers over 30% of the fresh milk consumed in Britain, every day.

The action is in protest at the dairy's decision to cut the amount it pays farmers for a litre of milk by almost 4 pence in the last 3 months. Farmers say they're now losing money on every litre of milk they produce.C

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