Dorset farmer frustrated over TB delays

One of Dorset's leading farmers says he's increasingly frustrated with the Government's decision not to extend badger culling trials.

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Farm crime: full report

Devon and Cornwall Police say that reducing rural crime is one of the top priorities for the force. Thefts of machinery and livestock costs many millions of pounds each year and pushes up insurance premiums.

Police and landowners met today to identify crime trends and find solutions. Our Exeter correspondent Seth Conway reports.


High animal feed prices hurting pig farmers

The rising cost of animal feed is threatening the livelihood of many pig farmers in the West Country.

That's according to the National Pig Association (NPA) which says poor weather across the globe has impacted on crop growth.

The knock-on effect has seen a hike in feed prices by 25% in the last year. This is pushing up the cost of production.

The NPA says that if the cost of feed continues to rise, one in ten pig farmers in the South West could be forced out of business by Christmas.

In a survey, 10 per cent of farmers said they were struggling to cover the extra costs, a situation made worse by supermarkets reluctant to pay more for pork products.

The Association says it hopes public support will help keep farmers in business in the year ahead.


Westcountry farmers fear they'll go out of business

The Government has announced new help for dairy farmers as they battle to survive after cuts in the money they get from milk processors. The National Farmers' Union is warning the average farmer will lose around forty thousand pounds in income each year as a result.

Hundreds of farmers from the South West travelled to London to join a national lobby demanding more support. Among them was Mark Oliver who has a five hundred strong herd at Lan-hydrock near Bodmin. Our Cornwall Correspondent Steve Hardy reports.

Falling milk prices forcing farmers to close

West Country farmers will be in Westminster today to join a summit meeting about falling milk prices.

It's been called by the National Farmers' Union, which says milk producers are being forced out of business as big dairy companies cut costs.

The NFU says it costs farmers 30p to produce a litre of milk. With the latest cuts, farmers will only be paid 24.73p a litre - a loss of over 5p per litre of milk.

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