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Fishing: Europe agrees a ban on discarding dead fish

The EU council has agreed a ban on fishermen discarding dead fish but no date has been set and it is subject to more negotiations.

There has been a long campaign against the throwing away of unwanted fish Credit: ITV Westcountry

Provisional dates would see a ban on mackerel and herring discards by January, 1 2014 and a ban on whitefish discards (cod, haddock, plaice, sole) phased in 12 months later and fully in place by January 1 2018.


Lifeboat crewman on fishing tragedy

A lifeboat crewman has described the rescue of two fishermen off the North Cornish coast this weekend as the most treacherous of his career.

Damien Bolton was the coxswain of the RNLI boat called out to help.

The Port Isaac Inshore Lifeboat was called after a father and son were swept into rough seas at Tregardock near Delabole on Sunday. A 27 year old man survived but it's thought his 60 year old father had drowned before he could be pulled to safety. His son clung on to him until rescuers arrived.

TV Fisherman Celebrates 60th Wedding Anniversary

Ted Tuckerman and his wife Gwyn have been married 60 years Credit: Ted Tuckerman

Ted Tuckerman and his wife Gwyn are celebrating 60 years of marriage today.

Ted, who lives in Torquay, is well known nationally and internationally for his experience in fishing.

He is a past England international, competing in world championships, and was manager of the England international team.

His expertise has led him into broadcasting, reporting and writing on all matters fishing for more than 40 years.

Many will still be familiar with Tight Lines, his popular TV angling programme on Westward Television, which ran for almost 20 years.

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