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Abused teenager's warning to single parents

'Paige' (posed by an actor) was abused as a child by her mother's partner Credit: Fixers

A teenager from Somerset, who was sexually abused as a child by her mother's partner, is warning single mums and dads to think more about who they let into their homes.

'Paige' - not her real name - was groomed and abused for three years from the age of eight, until her abuser was caught and sent to prison. He had threatened to kill her and her family if she told anyone.

He was taking me out, buying me expensive gifts. And then it got a bit more serious where he would touch my hair and help me get dressed. He was trying to get close to me. But without my mum. After a year of gaining my confidence, the physical abuse started.

– 'Paige', Child abuse victim

Fixers: Finding a job when you're disabled

Now, for many young people finding a job after leaving school or college is a tough proposition. But imagine the additional barriers for those who are disabled.

We've been talking to Tommy Gundry from Liskeard who has made it his mission to tackle those barriers - and make local employers recognise that disabled workers are as good as anyone else.

He enlisted the help of Fixers - the campaign that gives young people a voice - to make his point.


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Fixers conference on road safety

Every two days a young person dies, or is seriously injured, in an accident on the region's roads. Now, a group of young people - including some from our region - have been at a conference to tackle the issue

As part of the FIXERS project that gives young people a voice, they want to influence a forthcoming government Green Paper on young drivers.


Fixers: The realities of life as a farmer

While many farmers say they love the job, the industry has one of the highest suicide rates in the country.

One woman from Cornwall says she wants to raise awareness of the difficulties of the profession. So with the help of Fixers - the campaign that gives young people a voice - she's started a campaign to expose what she calls the 'realities' of life in the fields.

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Fixers: help to avoid jail

A young woman from Somerset is calling for help to keep her friends out of jail - because, she says, there is too little for them on the outside.

In our latest update from Fixers - the campaign that gives young people a voice - she says that many young offenders would rather stay inside because they struggle to support themselves outside, and it's difficult to stay out of trouble:

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