Floods minister in Trevone

Flooding Minister Dan Rogerson has met with residents in Trevone near Padstow. The village has been badly damaged by the storms.

Lynmouth floods remembered

60 years ago today, the villages of Lynmouth and Barbrook were devastated by floods

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Amphibious vehicles heading from Staffordshire to flooded Somerset

Amphibious vehicles heading from Staffordshire to flooded Somerset Credit: Leavesley International

Amphibious vehicles built by a Staffordshire company are heading south today to help victims of the Somerset floods.

The vehicles are currently kitted out to get aid to stranded communities.

The manufacturers have been working with the Staffordshire Civil Contingencies Unit - a team set up to help in emergencies.

The company, based in Alrewas, has spent the last two days providing training to nine drivers before the vehicles could be deployed to the flood-stricken area.


Hospital boat and pensioner crew stranded by storms

Six pensioners ready to board a tiny vessel to Kenya have been left stuck in Cornwall after the poor weather delayed them starting their journey of a lifetime.

The group form the entire crew of the tiny hospital ship Jubilee Hope.

The converted former Royal Navy boat has already been delayed sailing since earlier this week on her 8,500 mile "maiden voyage" to Mombasa.

The Jubilee Hope is stuck in Falmouth because of the severe weather.
The Jubilee Hope is stuck in Falmouth because of the severe weather. Credit: Vine Trust

The plan is to cut the vessel into two and rebuild it into a medical centre.

However, the ship's crew will have to wait for the stormy weather and floods to subside first.

A spokesman for the group said: "They are praying for good weather soon - as well as public support to pay for a total fuel bill of over £42,000 - to be hopefully raised whilst on passage.

"At just eight knots (10 miles per hour) the journey will take many months. Supporters are raising the cash for the fuel."

You can find out more and donate on the Vine Trust website.


West Country (E)

Flooded despite not being in the official risk area

It's been a truly miserable Winter for many people on the Somerset Levels, no more so than for Keith Madge. His home has been under water all month. He isn't able to work because his timber is floating across the fields.

And he says he isn't even in the official flood risk area - yet he's only just finished putting right more than £100,000 worth of damage caused by the floods in 2012.

Our Somerset correspondent David Woodland has this exclusive report:

West Country (E)

Levels residents bracing themselves for more rain

People living on the Somerset Levels are bracing themselves for yet more bad weather. There's been heavy rain falling today on already flooded land and the forecast is not good for the weekend, with yet more rain forecast, as well as high tides.

Many people have had their land and properties flooded or are cut off by flood water and this news is the very last thing they wanted to hear.

The army remains on stand by to help - if things deteriorate over the weekend. And COBRA, the Government's crisis response committee, is meeting again right now in London to discuss the ongoing emergency in Somerset.

Bob Cruwys reports:


West Country (E)

Army brought in to help flooded villages

The Army have been drafted into Somerset to help villages that have been cut off by flooding since Christmas.

The Government has agreed to bring in specialist vehicles so troops can deliver food and sandbags, and offer transport to residents.

More rain is expected in the next few days. This morning the military began an assessment of the situation at Muchelney.

Seth Conway has this report:


Military assess flooding problems in Somerset

The Ministry of Defence has deployed military planners to help Somerset County Council with flooding in the county.

OC Major Al Robinson and Sergeant Leigh Robinson look out over flood water from Burrow Mump, Burrowbridge, Somerset. Credit: SWNS

"The Ministry of Defence is also working with the Department for Communities and Local Government to identify what immediate support they can give to the local residents," Environment Secretary Owen Paterson said last night.

Members of 24 Commando Squadron carrying out reconaissance work in Burrowbridge, Surrey. Credit: SWNS

Major Al Robinson told ITV News earlier: "It's relatively early on. We've only been on the ground for a couple hours at the moment so we're just focussing on understanding what the situation is and identifying the key areas which are at risk."

Two members of 24 Commando Engineer Regiment assist Somerset County Council in Borrowbridge. Credit: SWNS
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