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What next for the region's retired footballers?

by Jonty Messer

The new football season may be up and running but for players who have retired from the lower leagues the challenge now is finding a new job. Some are still in their early thirties but without the multi-million pound contracts of the Premier League, they have little to fall back on.

Former Torquay and Plymouth defender Guy Branston retired this summer after nearly 20 years in the game. He has been telling Jonty Messer about some of the myths surrounding lower league salaries and what he is doing now to support his family.


Heavy rain on the way

Today started off wet for many with some punchy showers across the South West, but during this evening and tonight a bout of heavy rain has been forecast. Between 20 - 40mm could fall over several hours bringing the risk of some localised flooding to parts of the West Country. The band of heavy rain will push in from the southwest at around 8pm and be with us for a good part of the night.

The recent change to unsettled weather has been triggered by the movement and shape of the Jet Stream. During July it sat comfortably in the north allowing warm air from Southern Europe to flow freely up through the British Isles. It also blocked most weather fronts from approaching and weakened the ones the did get through its barrier.

A change in month brought a change in the weather and since last Friday the Jet Stream has slipped all the way south of the British Isles allowing areas of low pressure and frontal systems a much easier crossing.

The reduced heat and humidity may disappoint some, but there are many that have welcomed the cool and wet spells of weather in the last few days. The gardens for one will lap up tonight's rain.

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