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Harwich challenges Plymouth over Mayflower heritage

A rival claim to be the spiritual home of the 'Mayflower' ship is being made by Harwich. The Essex town's supporters say it was the Mayflower's home port, the place she was built and the birthplace of her captain. They are now building a replica ship.

The Mayflower transported 102 pilgrims to New England in 1620. Plymouth is home to the Mayflower Steps in the city's Barbican area - the point at which the pilgrims are said to have boarded the ship, leaving England for North America.

Traditionally, Plymouth is the city most associated with the Mayflower's voyage. Harwich campaigners say their town should get more recognition for its role in the ship's history.

Essex town challenging Plymouth's claim to 400-year-old ship the Mayflower

Campaigners in Plymouth say the home port for the Mayflower is Harwich and not in Essex. Credit: ITV Westcountry

An Essex town is challenging Plymouth's claims over the historic ship the Mayflower.

Campaigners say her home port was Harwich. She was built there and her captain was born there.

They say the Pilgrim Fathers only set foot in the West Country briefly before starting their voyage to America nearly 400 years ago