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Campaigners protest outside Royal Cornwall Hospital

A mass protest has been held at the Royal Cornwall Hospital over the privatisation of services.

Campaigners gathered at Treliske calling for an end to what they call the selling off of services.

They're handing in an 11,000 signature petition to board members today ahead of a key board meeting.

The Royal Cornwall Hospital's Trust will be discussing plans to use a private firm to help run pathology services. It says it would involve using a private laboratory, but staff would remain within the NHS.

One health campaigner Bernie Rowe, who suffers from Crohn's Disease told ITV News she has experienced a decline in care.

If I have to go in for bowel surgery I'm scared, I'm literally scared for my life, and that's no exaggeration when you look at how bad the cutbacks are, the staff don't have time, and the morale with the staff, they don't want to be harsh to patients, they don't want to be short with patients, they don't have the time to spend with them.

– Bernie Rowe

The Hospital have responded to the campaign.

We do understand the concerns of staff and of the public, and we understand those concerns in the context of outsourcing hotel services last year. We're absolutely clear about the benefits and the risks that come from each of the options, and we will be taking those into account and that will include reputation and that will include how our staff will feel impacted by those changes.

– Bill Shields, Royal Cornwall Hospital's Trust


Devon girl gets 3D printed hand

The life of a little girl in Devon has been transformed after advances in technology allowed her to receive an new hand, printed on a 3D printer.

Four-year-old Abbi Jillians now has a specially adapted hand which was just a fraction of the cost of an NHS prosthetic one.

It all started with a conversation Abbi's mum, Julie, had with her mother.

Abbi's mum was helped by the Enabling the Future organisation and is fundraising to provide schools with 3D printers - click here for link.

Windfall for Ellie's Haven charity appeal

A Cornish charity is closer to being able to provide a much needed holiday home for children with life limiting illnesses.

A donor has pledged to give Ellie's Haven £100,000 IF the charity can match that amount.

The home has been named after Ellie Libby, who died when she was just 6-years-old. Our Cornwall correspondent Steve Hardy reports.

Devon man amputates own hand as a cry for help

Mark Goddard amputated his own hand Credit: ITV News West Country

A Devon man who'd been living with unbearable pain after a motorcycle accident, amputated his own hand as a cry for help.

Mark Goddard from Newton Abbot says amputating his arm above the elbow could stop the pain he suffers because of nerve damage.

He claims health services aren't taking him seriously. South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust say there's no evidence that amputation reduces pain.


Campaign to wear purple for Henry Hallam

Campaign leaflet for Hugs for Henry appeal Credit: ITV News West Country

Schoolchildren in Plymouth have been helping to raise awareness of Neuroblastoma by wearing purple for a day. It's part of a campaign started by the parents of four-year-old Henry Hallam from Plymouth who has the childhood cancer.

The idea is to raise awareness, so the condition can be spotted early.

Doctor: kidney transplants are preferable to dialysis

Dr Peter Rowe from the South West Transplant Centre at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth, explains the need for kidney transplants as a preferred option to dialysis.

On tonight's ITV News West Country at 6pm we have a full report on a kidney transplant from a living donor - a type of surgery pioneered at Derriford Hospital.

Hospital pioneering 'live' kidney donations

On ITV News West Country tonight at 6pm, we look at kidney donations from living donors. Most "live" donations are within families but there are a small number of altruistic donors who donate one of their kidneys to a person they don't know who's waiting on the transplant list.

Derriford Hospital in Plymouth is one of the pioneers of this type of transplant. Our Health Correspondent Jacquie Bird has been to watch one - watch her full report on tonight's programme.

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Why a 23 year old had a double mastectomy

A 23 year old West Country woman has had a double mastectomy because she was so scared she would get cancer. Fiona Luscombe took the agonising decision after both her mother and grandfather both died from breast cancer.

The nursery worker decided to go ahead with the operation after discovering she too was carrying a hereditary cancer-carrying gene.

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