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Unexploded bomb discovered in the Bristol Channel

Unexploded bomb discovered in the Bristol Channel. Credit: ITV News

Hinkley Point has confirmed that one of its diving teams has uncovered what they think is an unexploded bomb from WW2.

Just after 3.30pm yesterday (7 August) UK Coastguard received a report from a diving vessel reporting a large piece of ordnance 2.5nm off Lilstock Range in the Bristol Channel.

The UK Coastguard has issued warning broadcasts advising vessel in the area of a 1000m exclusive zone around the ordnance to ensure they are kept at a safe distance.

The bomb was discovered in the Bristol Channel whilst diving teams were checking the seabed before construction work got under way in that area.

The Coastguard and the Royal Navy have confirmed that a controlled underwater explosion will be carried out at 3pm today.

- We have a team of 10 divers checking the seabed ahead of the construction of the main cooling water tunnels and associated seabed structures for Hinkley Point C.

- We believe the unexploded ordnance probably dates back to the Second World War, however, the Bristol Channel was once used as a practice firing range and finds like this do happen from time to time in the local area.

- As a precaution we have put a cordon zone around the area and are working closely with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency and the Royal Navy.

– David Eccles, EDF Energy’s Head of Stakeholder Engagement for Hinkley Point C


Cash for Hinkley communities

Hinkley Point in Somerset Credit: PA

Communities close to the site of a planned nuclear power station in Somerset are to be given almost half a million pounds.

The money from the Hinkley Point C Community Mitigation fund will be shared by communities in Bridgwater and North Petherton

Construction at the site of the planned Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station Credit: PA

It's hoped the money will help the towns overcome the impact of construction work as the power station takes shape.

The cash will go towards projects that will help Bridgwater's shopping areas and school children, pedestrians and cyclists in North Petherton and Bridgwater.

The two projects are designed to help mitigate some of the impacts that are likely to affect the two towns as the Hinkley Point C construction project moves into the next phase of works, including further highway works within Bridgwater.

The Government gave the final go ahead for the power station at Hinkley Point earlier this month, following a "new agreement" with EDF.

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