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Missing Looe woman was last heard from at 6.50pm

A family friend of the woman missing after a house partially collapsed in Looe has told ITV News West Country that she was 68 years old.

Dave Holford says that Susan Norman had three children - a son and two daughters. He said they last heard from her at 6.50 pm last night when she texted to say she was tired after a long journey and was going to bed.


Fears for woman missing after house collapse

There are fears Mrs Norman was inside the house when it started collapsing Credit: ITV News West Country

The son and daughter of the missing woman, Mrs Susan Norman, say she rang them last night around 8 o clock to say she was going to bed.

Residents were evacuated from their homes in Sandplace Road in Looe following the landslip but Mrs Norman could not be traced.

Specialist teams and a sniffer dog have been sent in to the house but have so far found no sign of her.


Sniffer dog brought in to search for missing occupant

The house in Sandplace Road could collapse at any point Credit: ITV News West Country

Police at the scene of a landslp in Looe, where a house has partially collapsed, say one of the occupants is unaccounted for

A sniffer dog has been sent into the property and has found no trace of anyone so far. The search is still going on to see if the occupant, a woman, is there.

It may be that she has moved to friends and not told the authorities.

Other occupants have been evacuated from the house and are now safe.

Homes in Looe evacuated after landslide

Emergency services were called to Sandplace Road in Looe at 5.45 am following a report of a house collapse. A building comprising of flats has partially collapsed following a landslide at the rear of the property.

Police say that approximately six other properties in the street have been evacuated as a precaution and the Guildhall is being used as a temporary shelter.

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