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Fishing delegation from Dorset heads to US

Scallops are put in a pot on board the fishing boat Credit: ITV Westcountry

A pioneering partnership between fishermen and conservationists in Lyme Bay is sharing ideas with the Americans.

A delegation is heading to California next month. It includes scallop diver John Shuker as well as fishery managers and advisers.

They hope to learn how others protect stocks but maintain livelihoods.

Tracking devices fitted to fishing boats

Tracking devices are being fitted to small fishing boats working in Lyme Bay as part of a pioneering partnership between fishermen and conservationists. They've drawn up a voluntary agreement to limit the amount of fishing gear used locally.

The trackers will help prove that fishermen are sticking to the rules. And they'll also help the fishermen show which fishing grounds are most important to them.

Our Environment correspondent Duncan Sleightholme has this exclusive report:

Fish labelling campaign launched to protect marine life

A campaign has been launched in Dorset to encourage us to buy seafood from fishermen who care about the environment and want to protect fish stocks.

Restaurants and shoppers are being urged to chose species that aren't threatened from over-fishing, or caught using methods that damage the marine habitat. Our Environment Correspondent Duncan Sleightholme reports.