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Seventh Lyme chalet demolished after landslide

A chalet is demolished in Lyme Regis. Credit: ITV News/Duncan Sleighthome

A seventh chalet is being demolished in Lyme Regis following a seriesof landslides this winter. The Town Council says there has beensignificant movement in Ware Cliff in the last few days.

The chalet was destabilised by the landslide Credit: ITV News/Duncan Sleighthome

The chalets have slipped down as the earth has moved. Other chalets have beenfenced off and access to Monmouth Beach has been closed. We will have more on this story on ITV News West Country at 6pm.

It is the seventh chalet to be demolished in the area. Credit: ITV News/Duncan Sleighthome

Chalets to be demolished on Jurassic coast

Five holiday homes were damaged in landslips Credit: ITV News

Two more chalets will be demolished on the Jurassic coast today as cliffs continue to move.

Five holiday homes were damaged last week in a series of landslips to the west of Lyme Regis. Now there is concern for six others. The damaged chalets and access road to Monmouth Beach have been cordoned off.


Holiday homes could be destroyed by landslip: full report

A row of holiday homes west of Lyme Regis are at risk of being destroyed. Last night, what's been described as a 'major landslip' occured above Monmouth Beach, damaging some of the chalets, and its feared another may happen at any time.

The recent heavy rain is being blamed for the slip, which is the latest of many to hit that stretch of the Jurassic Coast. It is just 12 miles from Burton Bradstock where a 22 year old woman died in July last year. Richard Lawrence reports.

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