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Rare Marilyn Monroe negative is sold in Wiltshire

The picture was from Marilyn Monroe's first professional photo shoot Credit: ITV News

A negative from Marilyn Monroe's first professional photo-shoot has sold at auction for £4,250.

The estimate had been between £5,000 and £8,000 but auctioneer Andrew Aldridge, from Henry Aldridge and Sons, in Wiltshire said: "I am quite happy with that as a result.

"It was an exceptionally unusual item and to be able to include the copyright added another dimension as we only usually sell the physical item."

Interest in the sale showed that Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe is still very much a star, according to Mr Aldridge. He said: "There is an enduring interest if you like the cult of celebrity and if you are interested in that era."

The image dates back to when the future film star was the unknown Norma Jeane Baker, a 20-year-old factory girl dreaming of becoming a model.

The true value in this auctioned image lies in the fact that it was sold with its own copyright to reproduce and distribute the image as its new owner wishes.

Back in 1946, Norma Jeane was married and working at a munitions factory when a passing military government photographer told her she could be a model, so she approached a Hollywood modelling agency, Blue Book.

Young aspiring photographer Joseph Jasgur was assigned to get her first portfolio and took her to Zuma beach in Malibu for a few pictures, which were later presented to Ben Lyon, casting director at 20th Century Fox.

They were the pictures that would not only make Jasgur famous but create the star Marilyn Monroe, who later dazzled Hollywood and sparked international headlines.