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Couple from Devon call for meningitis vaccine

Millie and Lydia Cross contracted different strains of meningitis Credit: ITV News

A couple from Devon - whose daughters were both desperately ill with meningitis - are leading a campaign to have a vaccination introduced.

Jodie and Tony Cross have written to their MP begging for help to start vaccinating children against Meningitis B. Their daughters Millie and Lydia contracted different strains of the disease.

Lydia & Millie Cross become meningitis ambassadors

A North Devon schoolgirl is raising awareness of an infection that almost cost her and her sister their lives.

Lydia Cross from Braunton and her younger sister Millie are now ambassadors for the Meningitis Research foundation.

Lydia has made national news in recent years for dealing so well with her prosthetic legs after having both legs amputated below the knee. Millie, though, was the more seriously ill at the time.


Mother of daughter who contracted meningitis from her cat speaks out

Chelsea-Anne with her daughter Sparkle Credit: ITV West Country News

The mother of a little girl from Somerset has been explaining how her daughter caught meningitis from her cat when she was a baby.

Chelsea-Anne's daughter Sparkle almost died after contracting the disease from her pet cat's saliva. She was in hospital for 3 weeks.

Calls for meningitis vaccine

A Plymouth mother has added her voice to calls for a vaccine to be introduced to combat the potentially deadly form of meninigtis. Anna Bolt's daughter was just 6 years old when she contracted bacterial meningitis - or Meningitis B - earlier this year.

The disease can be difficult to diagnose with symptoms ranging from a headache and stiff neck to vomiting, fever, a dislike of bright lights and a rash. Every week, six families in the UK lose a loved one because of it. Jeff Welch reports.

West Country mother's warning about meningitis

Anna and daughter Lily Credit: ITV News West Country

As part of Meningitis Awareness Week, a West Country mum has been talking about her first hand experience of the disease. Anna Bolt's daughter Lily was just six when she contracted bacterial meningitis earlier this year.

It can strike without warning, killing one in ten, and leaving a quarter of survivors with life altering after effects. Fortunately her daughter has now made a full recovery.

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