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The Met Office's vital role in the D-Day landings

We've a fascinating insight now into the role the Met Office played in the lead up to the D-Day landings, which took place 70 years ago this week.

Historic charts in the National Meteorological archive in Exeter show how their forecasting played a crucial part in helping to determine the success of the landings. Richard Lawrence reports.

Looking back at last year's snow... but will it be back?

It's been a glorious day of blue skies and bright sun across the region, which makes it easy to forget this time last year we were facing blizzards and bitingly cold winds.

They marked the start of the longest spell of cold weather we'd seen in a generation. It was a rude shock after a series of mild wet winters. John Andrews has been looking back at the cold snap and its aftermath.


Tourism bosses critical of long-range weather forecasts

Just a fortnight after predicting a decade of rainy summers, the Met Office is tonight standing by the forecast of a heatwave over the next week.

The uncertainty surrounding the weather has drawn criticism from leaders in the South West tourism industry. They say inaccurate long-range forecasts are harming business.

Richard Lawrence reports:


South West braced for floods

Potential flooding could hit the South West over the coming days as heavy rain sweeps across areas of the Westcountry.

People in south-west England and Wales have seen deluges of 15-20mm overnight, with the wet weather expected to spread further east during Friday morning before clearing.

A severe weather warning of heavy rain has been issued by the Met Office for south-west England.

Solar power runs Met Office supercomputer

The largest supercomputer in the UK is now being run on solar power generated electricity. It requires the biggest array of roof top panels to be found in the West Country. It will generate enough power for 67 homes.

The computer it will power at the Met Office in Exeter predicts the effects of climate change. Weather bosses say it's a business decision but it comes after much criticism of the agency for its own carbon footprint. Seth Conway reports.

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