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Somerset holiday camp takes a step back in time with new chalet design

The holiday camp that invented the chalet has unveiled its new offering at its site in Minehead - and in a way, it's a step back in time.

Research for Butlins found that parents wanted their families to bond on their holidays, so TVs and electronic games are out of the bedrooms.

Our Somerset correspondent David Woodland takes a look at the history of the holiday chalet, and even has a go at imitating the old RP accent which TV advertisers used to sell them, back in the 1930s.

Beautiful pictures from extraordinary low tide at Minehead

Sea life uncovered in Minehead at low tide Credit: Gaynor Gough

The South West experienced extraordinary low tides this weekend.

Sea beds and river beds not previously seen before were exposed with remains of prehistoric bridges and other structures becoming visible.

These pictures were taken by Gaynor Gough in Minehead.

A medieval fish trap was exposed by the low tides Credit: Gaynor Gough
Credit: Gaynor Gough
Sea life uncovered in Minehead at low tide Credit: Gaynor Gough
Sea life uncovered in Minehead at low tide Credit: Gaynor Gough
Credit: Gaynor Gough

Dog and owner sought after biting incident in Somerset

Police in Minehead are requesting any information on the identity of a man and his dog involved in a bite attack which left another man and his dog needing medical attention.

It was reported as happening about 8am on Tuesday 30th December in Vennland Way.

A sandy coloured German Shepherd-type dog ran up and attacked a collie. He then also bit the owner when he tried to save his dog.

A man approached and dragged the dog away, but failed to identify himself.

The man being sought is described as white, clean shaven, about 60 years of age, about 5’7 to 5’8 and slightly overweight.

His dog appeared to be quite mature and probably nine or 10 years of age.

If you have any information, please call PC Mark Curran on 101 quoting reference 135458/14.

The owner of the attacked dog was also bitten Credit: Avon & Somerset Police


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Baby porpoise washed up on Minehead beach

Baby porpoise washed up on Minehead beach Credit: ITV News West Country

The Coastguard and Maritime Agency has collected the body of a baby porpoise which was washed up on Minehead beach. Around two hundred dead dolphins and porpoises are found dead on the south west coastline each year. Scientists are keen to find out what is causing the deaths.

The Agency believes most deaths occur after the animals are caught in giant seine nets used by French and Spanish trawlers.

Body of porpoise is recovered from Minehead beach Credit: ITV News West Country
  1. West Country (E)

World record attempt takes some beating

It needed more than 600 eggs for the mix. It had to be baked in an industrial oven. And a forklift was brought in to assemble the all-important parts. But when it came to the crunch, did it all come together?

Watch this video of the military-style operation involved in putting together a Victoria sponge that, it's hoped, will break records.

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