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Couple say their lives were put at risk after landlord failed to service their boiler

A young family from Newquay say their lives were put at risk by their landlord, who failed to have their gas boiler regularly serviced.

Jade Louise Ullrich, her partner Craig Steedman and 5 year old son Dylan moved into the property in Newquay, in July 2013.

A year later the family, including Jade, who was pregnant at the time with her second child, noticed a gas smell and called in Wales and West Utilities, which isolated the boiler.

An engineer later issued an “Immediately Dangerous” notice on the boiler. An investigation found six instances of the landlords’ gas safety checks not taking place within the legally required 12 month period.The dates ranged between five days and 15 months overdue.

Jade Louise Ullrich and her partner Craig Steedman say their lives were put at risk Credit: ITV News

I hadn't been feeling well for months and my doctor has now confirmed that carbon monoxide exposure could well be the reason I was feeling so awful all the time. It's not nice to know there's carbon monoxide in your home when you've got children.

– Jade Louise Ullrich

This week the Health and Safety Executive prosecuted landlords Andrew and Deborah Hopkinson at Truro Magistrates’ Court.

They each pleaded guilty to two breaches of gas safety regulations. Mr Hopkinson was fined a total of £7,000 and ordered to pay £209 costs. Mrs Hopkinson was also fined £7,000 with £209 costs.

It was fortunate that this incident did not lead to death or injury for the tenant or her young family. Landlords must ensure annual safety checks are carried out on gas appliances at their properties and ensure they are serviced and maintained in good working order.

– Simon Jones, HSE Inspector
The landlords were fined for breaching gas safety regulations Credit: ITV News

Newquay landslip 'could take months to repair'

Access to Great Western Beach could be blocked for some time Credit: ITV News

Engineers have been examining a massive 100 tonne landslip above a Newquay beach this morning.

Part of the cliff face has collapsed onto an access road leading to Great Western Beach.

CORMAC will be carrying out the repairs for Cornwall Council.

A team of structural engineers have been examining the site this morning and we'll be feeding back to Cornwall Council before any work is carried out. It's a 50 metre landslip and something this size could take several months to repair.

– Paul Allen, CORMAC

Landslide closes Newquay's Great Western Beach road

About 50 tonnes of debris has fallen on to the road leading to Great Western Beach Credit: ITV News

A landslip has closed the access road leading to one of Cornwall's most popular beaches.

About 50 tonnes of debris has blocked the access road leading to the Great Western Beach in Newquay.

People have been asked to avoid the area, including the beach below, until engineers have visited the site, but nobody has been injured.


Stuntman's family say they will never accept his loss

Stuntman Matthew Cranch died from multiple injuries after a safety net collapsed as he fell to the ground. Credit: ITV News

An inquest has returned a verdict of accidental death on a stuntman from Cornwall. 24-year-old Matthew Cranch died after being fired into the air as a human cannonball and crashing to the ground when his safety net collapsed in April 2011.

His family have issued this statement following the verdict:

Our son Matthew was an intelligent, happy, bright, uncomplicated child.

These traits in his character continued and developed through his life. He was kind, caring, patient and loving, with integrity beyond his years.

Matthew was a 'free spirit', who truly was a genuine guy. He brought to the world a kindness, gentleness, sensitivity, fairness and incredible sense of humour, an unforgettable smile and the very best of big hugs.

We will always be grateful and thankful for his love and the time we were able to spend together.

The loss of our son is a matter we can never accept or recover from.

– Family statement
Matthew Cranch died after hitting the ground after being fired from a cannon during Scott May's Daredevil Stunt Show Credit: ITV News

Jury returns verdict of Accidental Death for Cornwall Stuntman

The death of a "human cannonball" who died after being fired into the air at a stunt show was an accident, an inquest jury has ruled.

24-year-old Matthew Cranch suffered multiple injuries after a safety net intended to break his fall collapsed as he fell to the ground.

He had been fired from a lorry-mounted cannon during Scott May's Daredevil Stunt Show at the Kent County Showground in Detling on April 25 2011.

The two-day inquest heard that a mechanism which triggered the release of the safety net was not properly set.

Tests carried out following the tragedy showed the mechanism could be unintentionally falsely closed, leading to the net dropping when the lorry recoiled upon firing of the cannon.

The stuntman, who had been living in Newquay, Cornwall, had performed the daredevil showpiece five times before the tragedy

Day two of inquest into death of stuntman

Matthew Cranch died after hitting the ground during Scott May's Daredevil Stunt Show Credit: ITV News

An Inquest into the death of a stuntman from Newquay continues today.

Matt Cranch, known as the 'human cannonball', hit the ground during a daredevil show in Maidstone in April 2011.

The inquest heard yesterday that a safety net collapsed. It had been designed to break the 23-year-old's fall collapsed.

The inquest has heard that the safety net collapsed and Mr Cranch crashed to the ground Credit: ITV News
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