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Neighbour pays tribute to surfing victim

A friend of Kevin Reynolds, one of the victims of Sunday's surfing tragedy at Mawgan Porth near Newquay, has paid tribute to him.

The man, who lived in a neighbouring flat in St Austell, said:

Kevin and Rachel, his girlfriend, went there to surf for the day.

They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Initially, they went in to surf but the conditions were too rough so they came back in.

They noticed that some teenagers were getting into trouble so they rushed out to help them.

It was Kevin, Rachel and that poor guy from Leeds. They all acted totally selflessly, rushing into danger to help other people.

That's what he was like, totally selfless and noble. He was just trying to help. I hate to imagine what would have happened if he hadn't been there.

Me and Kevin were good mates. He was one of the loveliest blokes you could ever meet.

He was always laughing and joking with the neighbours. He was really popular in these flats.

Last time I saw him was Sunday morning. I knew something was wrong when he wasn't leaving for work on Monday morning, because we usually leave at the same time.

– Neighbour of Kevin Reynolds

Mr Reynold's teenaged son Michael posted a news article about the tragedy on his Facebook page and wrote simply "R.I.P. Dad."

Pal Jeanette Worth responded to say: "So sorry to hear of your loss michael. There are no words that can take away your pain - just know that we are all thinking of you xx"

Another friend wrote: "Were all here for u brov, love u 2 the moon and back xx"

Police name victims of surfer tragedy in Cornwall

Two of the victims of Sunday's surfing tragedy at Mawgan Porth near Newquay have been named.

They are 44-year-old Kevin Reynolds and 42-year-old Rachel Dunn, both from St Austell.

A 52 year-old man from the Leeds area has not been named by police but has been identified as Stuart Calder, a knee surgeon from Leeds.


RNLI: Conditions were "difficult but not untypical"

The RNLI says there were warning signs at Mawgan Porth beach near Newquay, where three surfers lost their lives on Sunday.

Greg Spray says there are plenty of beaches within half an hour's journey which do have lifeguard cover throughout October half term.

He also says conditions in the water were difficult but not untypical for the time of year.

Local MP says lessons need to be learnt after deaths

Local MP Stephen Gilbert visits Mawgan Porth beach where Sunday's tragedy took place Credit: ITV News

Stephen Gilbert, MP for St Austell & Newquay, where three people were killed in a surfing accident on Sunday, said it was now important to see if "lessons can be learnt" to prevent a further such tragedy.

My deepest sympathies go out to the families and friends of those who tragically lost their lives over the weekend.

While our coastline provides some of the most beautiful scenery and unrivalled opportunities for surfing, it can also be a very dangerous place.

It's important for the police and emergency services to see what lessons can be learnt from this incident and if anything can be done to prevent the same thing happening to someone else.

– Stephen Gilbert MP, Lib Dem, St Austell and Newquay
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