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68-year-old man confirmed as victim of Newquay Airport crash

A 68-year-old local man has died in the Newquay Airport crash, police say.

The twin-engine plane, which was privately owned, was preparing to land when the crash happened on land off the runway.

The pilot, a 68-year-old local man and the sole occupant of the aircraft, was pronounced deceased at the scene. His next of kin have been informed.

Police, ambulance and Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service attended the scene.

The aircraft remains in situ pending an investigation by the Air Accident Investigation Branch.

Newquay Airport was closed for a short time but has now fully re-opened and operating as normal.

– Devon & Cornwall Police

Newquay Airport confirm crash

Newquay Airport say flights were diverted to Exeter while the airport was shut on Monday night. It is now open, and operating as normal.

We can confirm that an accident took place yesterday evening at around 19:35 at Newquay Cornwall Airport involving a light aircraft. The emergency services were in attendance and dealt with the accident.

It has been confirmed that the pilot of the twin engine aircraft was sadly killed in the accident.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the pilot at this very difficult time.

The Airport is assisting Devon and Cornwall Police and the AAIB (Air Accident Investigation Branch) with their investigation.

– Newquay Airport


Pilot dies in Newquay Airport crash

A pilot has been killed after crash landing his airplane at Newquay Airport.

The man, who had been flying a twin-engined light aircraft from London to Cornwall crashed on council owned land close to the runway, on Monday evening.

The airport was closed following the fatal crash at around 7.35pm and only reopened at 6am this morning.

Emergency services attended but, despite best efforts, the pilot, believed to be from Cornwall, could not be saved. No-one else is thought to have been involved.

His next of kin have been informed.

'Serious incident' involving light aircraft at Newquay Airport

Serious incident at Newquay Airport Credit: ITV News

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch has been called in to investigate a serious incident at Newquay Airport involving a light aircraft. Full details aren't yet known. It happened at around 7.35pm yesterday. The airport re-opened at around 6am this morning.

Boardmasters festival kicks off in Newquay

Boardmasters has officially opened today. Credit: ITV West Country

The annual Boardmasters surf and music festival has started in Newquay.

Over the next five days around a hundred thousand people are expected to attend the event.

Photographers at the ready on Fistral Beach. Credit: ITV West Country

The surfing and skateboard events are taking place at Fistral Beach and the music festival will be at Watergate Bay.

The festival brings millions of pounds into the local economy.

Surfing events will take place over the next five days. Credit: ITV West Country

Campaigners start project to clean up region's beaches

A project to improve bathing water quality at two of the region's beaches has been launched today.

Wildersmouth at Ilfracombe in North Devon and Porth in Newquay, Cornwall are predicted to fail the latest bathing water tests.

The charity Surfers Against Sewage has been working with the Environment Agency on a Cleaner Coastal Catchment Initiative to improve the water standards.

It involves working with local residents, businesses and land owners to change their practices.

The solutions with the cleaner coastal catchment are really simple, it's things like never use the toilet as a wet bin, think before you flush, don't put fats, oils and greases down the sink.

For farmers it's about improving land management practices, so keeping cattle out of streams, and keeping pollution from the run off of the land out of those streams as well.

– Andy Cummins, Surfers against Sewage

With it's central position, the town's Mayor says it's vital to get a good bathing water rating at Wildersmouth or visitors will be put off.

Ilfracombe is here because of the beaches and because of the sea, and if we lose some of the quality of that then we lose a little bit of Ilfracombe. That's the reason it developed in lots of ways because the Victorians found it a wonderful place to come on holiday and lots of other people have as well, so we need it to be clean.

– George Squires, Mayor of Ilfracombe

Watch the full report by Kathy Wardle here:


Man scared to leave house after seagull attacks

Barry Poore was dive-bombed by seagulls near his workplace. Credit: ITV News

A man from Cornwall says he's too scared to leave his home after a series of attacks by seagulls.

In the latest incident, Barry Poore from Newquay suffered a dislocated shoulder and cuts to his hands when he was dive-bombed by a flock of gulls near his work.

Mr. Poore told us he's staying inside following a warning that any sudden movement could put his shoulder out again.

Barry Poore's shoulder was dislocated in the attack. Credit: ITV News

Seagulls are on people's minds in our region. The Prime Minister has spoken about the issue, in the wake of several reports of gull attacks on pets and people in recent weeks.

There have been several reports of seagull attacks in our region in recent weeks. Credit: Craig Watson/PA

Rare parrot numbers increased thanks to Newquay Zoo

Credit: Newquay Zoo

These cute chicks area real success story after they hatched at Newquay Zoo increasing the numbers of one of the rarest and most endangered species of parrot.

The Ecuador Amazon parrot or Lilacine Amazon parrot are found in the Ecuadorian rain forests of South America. Only around 600 known to be left in the wild.

Newquay Zoo successfully bred Ecuadorian Amazons three years ago and transferred males with Barcelona Zoo in November 2014. The new pair have already paired up and bred for the first time.

It is great news we have bred these newly paired Ecuadorian Amazon parrots. The two chicks, once reaching adulthood, will be moved onto other zoos to be part of a very important captive breeding programme and to help save this endangered but only newly discovered species.

– Gary Ward, Senior Bird Keeper

Police seek victims of Newquay paedophile

Police are looking for more victims of a 41-year-old paedophile who has been sentenced to 17 years in prison.

Benjamin Mercer was handed the time behind bars at Hull Crown Court after he was found guilty of 13 sexual offences against vulnerable boys, aged between five and 16.

The offences occurred throughout the 1990s in the Hornsea area of East Yorkshire, but the most recent offence occurred in Newquay in 2000.

But officers believe that Mercer may have committed further sexual offences in Newquay and are urging any victims to contact the police.

Yesterday (Wednesday July 15) at Hull Crown Court 41-year-old Benjamin Mercer was sentenced to 17 years in prison after being found guilty of 13 sexual offences against vulnerable boys age between five and 16.

He is clearly a sexual predator and we believe there may be more victims of Mercer over the last 20 years.

He lived and worked in Hornsea prior to moving to Newquay in 1998 and moved to the Brighton area in 2000. We are now encouraging any further victims of Mercer – no matter how historic – to come forward and call the police to ensure he is brought justice for all his offending.

– Emma Heatley, Detective Inspector
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