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More than half of South West nurses say patient care compromised

The figures come from a survey by the Royal College of Nursing. Credit: ITV West Country

More than half of nurses in the South West say they feel patient care was compromised on their last shift.

A survey by the Royal College of Nursing found the main reason for nurses' negative response was because there were not enough nurses or health care support workers on shift, and an increased number of patients who require more nursing care.

The RCN is calling on health care providers to urgently review nurse staffing levels.


Father praises NHS for saving son's life

Oli Hulbert from Backwell almost choked to death on a grape. Credit: Family

On the 80th anniversary of the 999 emergency service, a father from North Somerset has praised the care and professionalism of NHS staff after they saved his son's life.

Oli Hulbert from Backwell almost choked to death on a grape on Sunday June 25 but was saved by paramedics and staff at the Bristol Children's Hospital.

In a Facebook post, his father Steve says he'll be forever in their debt. Oli has now made a full recovery.

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