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Charity runners aim to cover 200+ miles on treadmills

Credit: ITV West Country

Barnstaple High Street charity runners are trying to cover 235 miles on treadmills.

The fundraising challenge is to run the distance between the town and the start line of the London Marathon in Greenwich.

Members of the North Devon Road Runners started at 7am and will run continuously, even through the night, until the distance is covered. Frank Beiderman explains more about the idea behind the challenge.

We just thought this was a great way of keeping the training going and to try to raise as much money as possible for the fantastic charity.

– Frank Beiderman, North Devon Road Runners



Driver jailed for deliberately running over woman

James Clarke was the driver of the vehicle, he's now been jailed. Credit: Exeter Police

A driver has been jailed for deliberately running over a woman in a stolen car and leaving her with a broken ankle.

23-year-old James Clarke took his ex partner's car from her home in North Devon, and used it to run over a woman passenger as she got out of the car in Bideford.

A off duty policeman spotted the incident and witnessed Mr Clarke running over passenger Donna Owen, who had just got out.

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