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North Devon businesses feel the tremor

The 4.1 magnitude earthquake which shook North Devon this afternoon was felt by hotels and theatres in the seaside town.


Police in Devon warn women to lock car doors

Police in North Devon are warning women tonight to lock their car doors while driving after a number of attempts by people to get in to moving vehicles.

Officers can't say for sure if the attacks are linked but they've all been in and around Barnstaple in the past month. The man or men involved haven't yet succeeded in gaining entry. Our Correspondent Seth Conway reports:

Police warn women drivers in Devon of possible attacks

The incidents have occurred in different areas in Barnstaple Credit: ITV News West Country

Police in North Devon are asking women to lock their car doors while driving after a series of worrying incidents.

On 7 occasions in the past month women have reported someone trying to get in to their vehicles in the Barnstaple area. Police say the incidents aren't necessarily linked but there are some similarities.

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