Floods minister in Trevone

Flooding Minister Dan Rogerson has met with residents in Trevone near Padstow. The village has been badly damaged by the storms.

Speedboat's 'kill cord' was not worn

A report into a speedboat accident off Padstow has revealed that a father and daughter died after he tried to make a fast turn.

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Padstow speedboat widow starts charity cycle in Cornwall

A woman who lost her husband and daughter in a speedboat accident in Cornwall has started a charity cycle ride through the county today.

Victoria Milligan, who lost a leg in the accident, is raising money for the Cornwall Air Ambulance and the RNLI.

She and her family were on holiday in Padstow when they were thrown from their boat in May last year.

Her husband, Nick Milligan, 51, and their daughter Emily, eight, died in the incident. An investigation had found that the lack of the use of the boat's kill cord was part of the reason for the accident.

Mrs Milligan, from Wandsworth, south-west London, has urged other boat users to be vigilant with safety and wear a "kill cord" at all times.

The Milligan family photo Credit: Vitty Robinson


Thousands parade for Obby Oss celebration

Thousands of people are parading through the streets of Padstow today for the annual Obby Oss celebration.

Local school children practise for weeks before taking part in the May Day procession. Several traditional Osses make their way through the streets accompanied by live music and dancing.

Sam Brereton and Evie Dungey from Padstow Primary School told why they enjoy taking part:


Padstow lifeboat in trawler rescue

Six fisherman have been rescued off the Cornish coast in a joint operation involving the Padstow lifeboat and a helicopter from RNAS Culdrose. The crew of the French trawler took to survival suits and abandoned ship yesterday when their vessel was struck by huge waves in gale force winds.

Five of the crew were plucked from the water by the Royal Navy rescue helicopter and the skipper was picked up by the RNLI lifeboat from Padstow. All six crew were brought ashore.

Padstow lifeboat 2nd Coxswain Richard Pitman said, "A great deal of credit must go the winchman on the helicopter. The heavy sea conditions made his job very difficult as he was dragged in and out of the water with the rise and fall of the sea.

"The conditions were challenging and it was a difficult rescue for all involved, we are pleased to have been able to assist."

Father took wheel of speedboat before accident

Nick Milligan and his 8 year old daughter Emily were killed after being thrown from this speedboat boat Credit: ITV News West Country

A father and his young daughter were killed by their out-of-control speedboat after he took over the steering from his wife, investigators found.

Nick Milligan and his 8 year old daughter Emily were killed after being thrown from their boat in Padstow last May.

A report published today has by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch found that his wife had been at the helm of the boat but wasn't attached to the kill cord, which cuts power in an emergency.

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