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Devon zoo pledges to save one of World's most threatened species

Edwards's pheasants are found in the forests of Vietnam. Credit: Paignton Zoo

A Devon conservation charity is campaigning to help a bird that hasn't been seen in the wild for nearly 20 years.

Paignton Zoo Environmental Park is aiming to save the Edwards's pheasant.

The bird is now listed as critically endangered and among the World's 100 most threatened species.

In the wild Edwards's pheasants are only found in the mountainous forests of central Vietnam.

Paignton Zoo has two breeding pairs of the birds, one of which has successfully raised five chicks this year.

The centre is hopeful Edwards's pheasants can be saved from extinction.

It is currently the Year of the Rooster, which is considered very important in Vietnam. It is hoped that in 12 years’ time, when the next Year of the Rooster comes around, there will be a sustainable population of Edwards’s Pheasants in the wild.

– Paignton Zoo


Cheeky resident keeps zoo visitors entertained

Kiondo sticks his tongue out at anyone who will see Credit: Miriam Haas

Visitors to Paignton Zoo are being entertained by one of the residents -who's taken to pulling faces.

Kiondo, a 14-year-old Western Lowland Gorilla continues to stick his tongue out at anyone who passes - amusing visitors with his antics.

Bemused keepers say they don't know what the 186 kilo gorilla means by the gesture.

But, unlike most parents, who try to teach their children sticking out their tongue is rude, we'd challenge anyone to tell this gorilla what to do!

Credit: Miriam Haas

Gorillas use all their senses to communicate. They grunt, rumble, adopt various body postures and pull faces to indicate mood.

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