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New role for Plymouth University vice-chancellor

Professor Wendy Purcell will be returning in a different role Credit: ITV News

The vice-chancellor of Plymouth University is returning to work - following an investigation into her conduct.

Professor Wendy Purcell was put on leave in July, amid unspecified allegations which are understood to include a complaint about her management style.

Today the university announced the inquiry process has ended, and she will return to work in a new role to build the university's reputation.

Vote of no confidence in Plymouth Uni vice-chancellor

Wendy Purcell is currently on paid leave from her role at Plymouth University Credit: ITV News

Staff at Plymouth University have given a vote of no confidence in their vice-chancellor, Wendy Purcell.

Members of the University and College Union say the recent problems at the university have undermined morale and risked long-term damage to the institution.

Wendy Purcell who is currently on paid leave, was suspended for three months over allegations of overspending and bullying colleagues.


Vice-chancellor steps up her battle to get her job back

Wendy Purcell is battling to win her job back Credit: ITV Westcountry

Wendy Purcell, Plymouth University's vice-chancellor, has stepped up her legal battle to win her job back, with the case against her understood to include a complaint about her management style.

Professor Purcell is now being represented by a law firm that specialises in discrimination claims. She was suspended three months ago, but has since had her status changed to paid leave. Neither the university nor Professor Purcell has ever disclosed the charges against her.

Staff protest at Plymouth University

Staff at Plymouth University will be protesting later against job losses at the institution. They'll be demonstrating outside the university as part of an ongoing dispute over efforts to reduce staff costs.

Several staff have already taken voluntary redundancy Credit: ITV News West Country

Several university employees have already taken voluntary redundancy, others face compulsory redundancy.

App version of widely used dementia test unveiled

App version of widely used dementia test unveiled Credit: PA

A team of researchers from Plymouth medical school will today unveil an app version of a widely used dementia test. It will be free of charge and will mean faster and wider testing and therefore quicker diagnosis.

The app is is the first of its kind and will be made available to clinicians around the world

Plymouth University's Vice-Chancellor placed on leave

The Vice-Chancellor of Plymouth University has been placed on leave by its board of governors.

A spokesman for the university says Professor Wendy Purcell is on leave as part of an ongoing internal review but her position as Vice-Chancellor remains unchanged. She took over the position in 2008.

We can confirm that the Vice-Chancellor of Plymouth University, Professor Wendy Purcell, has been placed on leave by the University’s Board of Governors as part of an ongoing review process. As with all internal matters relating to members of staff, we request that the confidentiality of the situation be respected.

“Professor Purcell’s position as Vice-Chancellor remains unchanged and in her absence the University is being led by Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor David Coslett.

– Statement, Plymouth University


Plymouth study claims Tetris could help dieters

Researchers at Plymouth University have revealed people who are dieting could reduce cravings for fatty foods and snacks by playing Tetris. Through studies on volunteers psychologists say playing three minutes of the game can distract the user's brain long enough so they can stave off the cravings.

"Episodes of craving normally only last a few minutes, during which time an individual is visualising what they want and the reward it will bring.

"Often those feelings result in the person giving in and consuming the very thing they are trying to resist.

"But by playing Tetris, just in short bursts, you are preventing your brain creating those enticing images and without them the craving fades."

– Professor Andrade

Coastal researchers measure impact on gravel beaches

Coastal researchers measure impact on gravel beaches Credit: ITV News West Country

The inclement weather we've been experiencing lately has been good news for some West Country scientists.

Coastal researchers from Plymouth University have been able to carry out experiments to measure the impact of extreme waves and water levels on gravel beaches which are considered natural means of coastal defence

Ann Widdecombe faces her fears at Dartmoor Zoo

Ann Widdecombe in pantomime mode in 2009 Credit: Jenny Duval/EMPICS Entertainment

Former Government minister Ann Widdecombe is among the special guests facing their fears of creepy crawlies at Dartmoor Zoo today. It's part of a campaign to raise £1 million for brain tumour research.

Researchers from Plymouth University are at the forefront of the development of treatments for people with brain tumours.

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