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Woman has died after fire in Plymouth flat

Woman injured in fire at King's Court has died

A woman injured as a result of the fire in King Street, Plymouth, in the early hours of Monday 15 September, has died.

The 42-year-old local woman passed away in Derriford Hospital on Tuesday 16 September. Her family has been informed. The police and fire investigation into the cause of the fire in one of flats in Kings Court continues.


Woman critically ill after Plymouth flat fire

Firefighters were called to King Street in the early hours Credit: ITV News

A woman is seriously ill in hospital after being saved from a fire in Plymouth.

Crews were called to King Street in the early hours after a passer-by saw smoke coming from the fourth floor at King's Court. They broke into the flat and rescued the 42-year-old woman. People living in the block were told to leave for three hours. Police are investigating how the fire started.

There was smoke damage on the windows of the fourth floor flat Credit: ITV News

Devon police operation looks at impact of alcohol

Devon police operation looks at impact of alcohol Credit: ITV News West Country

An operation to see the impact of drinking alcohol on Plymouth's nighlife begins today. Police will be looking specifically at drunken behaviour as well as street and under age drinking. It's hoped the information will help reduce crime related to alcohol.

Plymouth-born actor Donald Sinden dies

Theatre and film actor Sir Donald Sinden has died at his home aged 90.

Sir Donald made his name on stage as a Shakespearean actor and also had more than 70 credits for film and TV productions since the late 1940s to now.

He had been battling prostate cancer over several years and his death, just weeks before his 91st birthday, has been described as a "huge loss" by his family.

He was born in Plymouth, Devon, in October 1923


And the Pride of Britain Fundraiser of the year in the West Country is...Laura Plane

Laura Plane is terminally ill - but it hasn't stopped her work Credit: ITV News

After raising thousands of pounds for a breast cancer charity since having a double mastectomy, Laura Plane from Plymouth has been chosen as the West Country's Pride of Britain Fundraiser of the Year.

She'll now go to through the national finals in London where Carol Vorderman will present the Pride of Britain awards later in the year.

This was the moment she found out:

  1. Meridian

Tributes to Sir Donald Sinden

He was one of the most popular and well-loved actors of his generation. Sir Donald Sinden, who lived in Kent, has died at the age of 90. The Shakespearean actor had suffered from cancer for several years.

He was also well known for film, stage and TV roles. His son, Marc, said that although they knew the end was coming, Sir Donald's death was "a huge loss to his family" but that they appreciated the care given to him by the Pilgrims Hospice. David Johns looks back on the actor's life, speaking to neighbour Dave McKean and theatre manager Juliet Mander.

Against all odds: Devon teenager goes back to school after being hit by a lorry

15 year old Danya Cope was hit by a lorry in February Credit: ITV News

You wouldn't know it looking at her now but Danya Cope only has half a skull.

The 15 year old was hit by a lorry outside her house in February.

"All I remember is the night before and then waking up from my coma," she says. "But apparently I went out to go school and was probably just checking my phone and I didn't really realise the truck was going to hit me."

Her mother Zarina Cope says: "She just popped in to say goodbye on her way to school and the door shut and I just heard a noise and I knew it was her, so I ran downstairs. There were people knocking on our door and I went outside and I saw her under the truck and I don't know, I just think I went into shock."

Danya's mother Zarina was so happy when she woke 9 days into her coma Credit: ITV News

As well as fracturing her skull, Danya broke her collar bone, rib, leg, and pelvis. Doctors didn't think she'd survive, but nine days into her coma, Danya woke up.

"When she opened her eyes the first words she said were, 'I love you Mum' which absolutely made me melt, it was just amazing to hear her talk and know that I was there for her, that I was her mum.'

Now back at home after months in hospital - Danya starts school on Monday, and until then Zarina says she won't let her out of her sight.

Plymouth former Royal Marine wins four golds at Invictus Games

Joe Townsend has won four gold medals at the Invictus Games

A Plymouth based former Royal Marine has won four gold medals at the Invictus Games. Joe Townsend, who's based at Hasler Company, won the medals in the 100m, 200m, 400m and 1500m in the Men's Wheel IT4 category.

The Invictus Games are for injured service men and women from around the world. They finish in London at the weekend.

Joe won won the medals in the 100m, 200m, 400m and 1500m in the Men's Wheel IT4 category.

I knew that if I did well in the 100m I’d do well throughout. After the first event this morning I was pretty confident. I saw the last guy on the finishing straight of the 1500m and had in mind if I don’t lap him I’ve not done my job. It’s great to be in the team; I’m competing for my country in the sporting field now, not the battlefield.

– Joe Townsend
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