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Man charged in connection with Fisherman's Friends singer death

Trevor Grills was a singer with the popular Port Isaac shanty group Fisherman's Friends. Credit: ITV West Country

A man has been charged with manslaughter by gross negligence in connection with the death of a member of the Cornwall-based shanty group Fisherman's Friends.

Trevor Grills died after being struck by a stage door at the G Live theatre in Guildford in 2013, hours before the group was due to perform.

Mr Grills, 54, was treated for head injuries in hospital, but pronounced dead two days later. The band's promoter Paul McMullen also lost his life, dying at the scene from injuries to his leg.

56-year-old David Naylor from Bridgnorth will appear in court in December.

Trevor Grills was part of Fisherman's Friends. Credit: Suzan/Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment


Fisherman's Friends release new single

Port Isaac sea shanty group Fisherman's Friends have released their first single since the tragic death of band member Trevor Grills and their tour manager in February.

Trevor Grills features on the new single, Mary Anne, which was recorded in January. He also appears on the new album One and All which will be released in August.

Hundreds gathered for a final farewell to Trevor Grills

Hundreds of mourners gathered near Port Isaac this afternoon to say a final farewell to the Fisherman's Friends singer Trevor Grills. The 54-year-old died as he was getting ready to perform at a gig almost two weeks ago. A private service was held for him at St. Endellion Church.

Watch Francesca Carpenter's report.

Funeral today for Fisherman's Friends singer

Singer Trevor Grills Credit: ITV News

The funeral of a member of the Cornish sea shanty group Fisherman's Friends will take place later. Singer Trevor Grills died in hospital after he was critically hurt in an accident at a music venue.

The group's tour manager was also killed by a metal door which fell on them.

The service will take place at St Endellion Church just outside Port Isaac where the group is from.


Port Isaac mourns loss of singer Trevor

The North Cornwall fishing village of Port Isaac is in mourning tonight after the death of a member of the sea shanty group Fisherman's Friends. Singer Trevor Grills died in hospital after he was critically hurt in a freak accident at the weekend.

The group's tour manager was also killed. They were trapped under a metal door at a concert venue in Surrey. Fellow band members said Mr Grills had been a much loved and valued friend to them. Our Cornwall correspondent Steve Hardy reports.

Venue give their reaction to Trevor Grills' death

Fisherman's Friends band member Trevor Grills died in hospital last night from injuries sustained in a freak accident at the G Live concert venue in Guildford, Surrey on Saturday.

The group's promoter, Paul McMullen, died at the scene from leg injuries.

The loading bay area where the accident happened is out of bounds while investigations continue, although G Live remains open.

We are devastated to hear that Fisherman's Friends band member Trevor Grills died in hospital last night as a result of the head injuries suffered on Saturday.

The tragic events of Saturday also claimed the life of the band's promoter.

Both men were involved in an accident in the loading bay area of the G Live concert venue prior to their scheduled performance that evening.

Surrey Police and the Health and Safety Executive investigations are ongoing with no further information being available at this time.

Guildford Borough Council and HQ Theatres, who own and manage the venue respectively, continue to fully assist with the investigation.

The thoughts and prayers of the G Live staff are with the families and friends of all who have been affected by this tragic accident.

– Alvin Hargreaves, Director, G Live

A HSE spokesman said it was unable to comment further while its investigation was in progress.

Band pay tribute to Trevor Grills

Band members from Fisherman's Friends have paid tribute to their friend and colleague Trevor Grills who died last night:

The Fisherman's Friends announce with great sadness that their friend and fellow band member Trevor Grills passed away last night as a result of severe head injuries inflicted during an accident on Saturday February 9.

Trevor was a much-loved and valued friend to all of us and was an integral part of the Port Isaac community. He will be sadly missed. Our thoughts are with Trevor's family at this very difficult time.

– Fisherman's Friends statement

We are all deeply saddened at losing Trevor.

The Fisherman's Friends are exactly that: life-long partners in all they do and our thoughts and prayers go out to them and Trevor's family and friends.

– Darcus Beese, Island Records

Police were called to the venue shortly before midday on Saturday after a report that two men were trapped under a metal door in the loading bay.

The band's promoter Paul McMullen, was treated by paramedics but was declared dead at the scene.

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