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Funnel cloud - not a tornado off Portland

Viewer Katie almond captured this image off Portland Credit: Katie Almond

ITV West Country viewer Katie Almond took this image of what she believes was a tornado off Portland today. In fact, our weatherman Bob Crampton tells us that it is a funnel cloud. to be a tornado it has to touch the ground. Whatever it is, it perhaps shows how the weather has changed in the last few days.

Dorset coastguard control room is wound down

The rescue co-ordination centre in Portland is being wound down Credit: ITV News

If you ring the coastguard in east Devon or Dorset, the chances are that a call centre in another part of the country will deal with it. From today the rescue co-ordination centre in Weymouth is being wound down and will be closed altogether by Friday.

It's provoked a heartfelt response from sailors, fishermen and boat owners who were among hundreds who gathered to say farewell to the lifesaving team.

The national operations centre in Hampshire opened last week. By next spring it will be at full speed. The Maritime and Coastguard Agency insists that its response will be as good or better than now, with local volunteer rescue teams and lifeboat crews responding as before.

The handover is gradual, but will be complete by next week. Then the former Customs House in Portland will be sold


Rocks play music controlled by the weather

You might think that rocks playing music that's controlled by the weather sounds strange. And it is according to those on Portland who've been experiencing it this week.

They also say it's very beautiful and thought provoking. It's one of a series of art installations around the island.

Our Dorset Correspondent Duncan Sleightholme reports:

Rocks play music controlled by weather on Portland

People on Portland are being entertained and intrigued by a series of art installations. At the Bill, a computer is translating weather into music. Speakers hidden among the rocks play different sounds according to the conditions. It's part of the B-Side festival.

You can hear a snippet of the musical rocks below:


Warning over giant jellyfish

The Marine Conservation Society is warning that warm weather in the south west could bring an influx of giant jellyfish to our coasts. A number of giant barrel jellyfish have already been washed up at Portland and Weymouth.

The species is harmless but the MCS says it's keen to hear from anyone who finds them.

The MCS says it's keen to hear from anyone who finds them. Credit: ITV News West Country

Air ambulance called to Portland

Two emergency helicopters and their crews were called to Portland this afternoon after a man collapsed on a coastal footpath.

The coastguard helicopter and the Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance were both attended the incident at West Cliff along with paramedics and coastguard cliff rescue team.

A man suffered a cardiac arrest.

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